Watch point pack

Does anyone else on PlayStation still not have access to the watchpoint pack?
I never saw them mention this issue


I bought it back in June on PlayStation store and as of today I still don’t have a single item from it

I dont. Unfortunately, they said itll be fixed next week as it requires an actual update. The reason it takes a week is because updates need to be verified by Microsoft and Sony before going live. Im sure there will be some type of compensation once its working. I hope…

Oh thank you. Could you please link where they said that?
I’ve seen people mention how their packs weren’t working but never saw anything specifically talking about that from Blizzard

Uhh yeah hold up gotta find it.

Ill give the exact quote since its a long post.

No worries if you can’t. I’ll take your word for it :smiley:

So we are all on playstation in the same boat? Glad to know it

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Turns out i was mis remembering information. Theres no official post regarding a fix coming for the watchpoint pack on console but i have found many, many threads and forum posts related to the topic so theres a good chance blizzard is seeing the issue.

People having been saying to either contact blizzard support or (take this with big grains of salt) theres multiple people saying their watchpoint pack shows up a little while after making another purchase in the shop. The most popular being the 5$ worth of coins

Below was the post i was mis-remembering from blizzard

Still have yet to get any of my items. Sad times.

It would be nice to get official acknowledgement off Blizzard seeing as it cost us money and we are getting less value from it every day it’s missing due to not getting the XP boost.

Issues with the free service is one thing but we paid for this.

Official Twitter blizzard account acknowledged the issue.

Some users are saying that restoring your licenses on PlayStation fixes the issue. I’m not home so I can’t try it.

Is it fixed for anyone yet? I’m on Xbox and still waiting for the rewards to come through… I want that Kiriko skin at BP tier 20 so bad. Also does anyone know if there’s gonna be compensation? Because I’m already on tier 28 and part of the pack was the firs 20 tiers but that’s useless now…. Update me plz

There will be double xp weekends and thats all the information we got.

It’s been 22 days and I’m still waiting on a fix lmao are there any new tips to fix it?