Wasn't experimental card NOT supposed to be used as a PTR?

It was supposed to be the opposite - but it has become exactly that lol

No it was supposed to become the “new” PTR so that console players and a larger sample size could test balance changes in the live client.

And that’s what it is.


And it was for normal changes. Experimental is good in that it gives more players the ability to interact with it.

I WISH they did way more “DRASTIC changes to the game, such as 1-3-2 comp, or weird features like Roadhog becoming a DPS with a healing cloud.”

But they take a lot of coding time, and with OW2…

No it wasn’t. It was never meant to be the PTR and that was stated by the devs, that experimental and PTR would remain as individual pieces.

But the experimental evolved into the PTR minus things like hero releases

No…it literally was said to have mostly small changes, that would be fairly infrequent and that the 321 experimental was not to happen regularly.

And that PTR would be more free for specific game changes not balance possible

The live experimental is actually used wayyyy more than they originally indicated at all. But it was pretty clear that it was going to be small changes.

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But they didn’t. They EMPHASISED that the experimental card was going to be for “radical changes” that they would otherwise be unsure of bringing into the live version of the game.

They also stated it wouldn’t be for things like bug fixes and etc.

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No, as someone who ACTUALLY pays a lot of attention, it was ALWAYS intended that when Experimental released the PTR would only be used to test stability for big things like new heroes and maps while Experimental would become the “new PTR” in the sense that it’d be for all the balance testing.

It never “Evolved” into that, it was ALWAYS intended to be that. Go watch the Dev update announcement video.


…no. the literal opposite


Then I recommend that you watch the two videos that they uploaded regarding Experimental which stated that experimental would be infrequent and include radical changes - and yes, jeff literally said “radical changes”.

Radical changes would be available. Not the norm…per my quoted direct Jeff Kaplan explaination from the literal first day of the experimental card

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I did, and they said it was going to be for bigger things that they would otherwise be unsure of testing in the game. They also mentioned that the PTR would remain as it’s own thing with the smaller changes.

The reason that experimental forged itself with what the PTR was partly used for was because the experimental card was roughly introduced around the same time as hero pools - and they intended on doing frequent balance changes based on data they got from the hero pools and etc

No, he said their balance PHILOSOPHY as a whole would be changing to include more drastic changes, not be afraid to revert stuff, test out radical stuff and maybe not push it live, etc.

He never said that was the point of Experimental. He did say they’d have SOME crazy stuff on their like 1-3-2 but that was never the purpose of the card as a whole, it’s always been to be the “new PTR” for balance changes so that EVERYONE could test them out including console players/you can earn lootboxes while doing it.

lollllllllll they literally said PTR would only be for new heroes and maps and other big stuff not “smaller changes”.

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And I told you to go watch the video lol?

They didn’t say big things - but okay.

Experimental was originally meant for the radical changes that would be classed as experimentation and the reason that PTR and experimental became nearly one was due to the hero pools where the devs intended on regular balance changes. But k

I literally referred to how I know what you are talking about and dissent about your interpretation.
You aren’t the only one who has seen it.

But you are holding your own interpretation despite clarification AFTER the first ptr vid, in written form… As proof. Regardless of proof.

Jeff was explicit and gave a real example of how ptr would work and why. And it is not as your op claimed.

It’s not my interpretation - it’s literally what he said - and as I’ve said the reason that experimental went from being for bigger changes to smaller balance changes was because of the hero pools which required for them to do more regular balance patches.

Anyway, although I might be getting my hopes up for nothing, I hope that the barrier changes they mentioned wind up being a bigger Experimental. Like turning them into Damplification Matrices, or outright replacing Orisa and Sigma’s with new protective abilities. They’ll probably only do a barrier patch v2.0 and nerf Orisa and Sigma’s barriers further while compensating them elsewhere, but let me dream.

It is said by you that

This is inherently untrue. It’s literally the first day of experimental that I quoted from Jeff.

Your premise is inherently misconstrued.

You can want more drastic changes. But literal day one of experimental Jeff says

Day. One.

You can want what you want. It doesn’t change the literal written history.

I frankly don’t care what Jeff typed out, because in the videos that are overlooked by the OW team and they are scripted specifically to include everything that is meant to be said, Jeff emphasises that the experimental card is for “DRASTIC” and “DRAMATIC” changes. He even talks about how it is going to be infrequent and only popping up now and then, rather than on a weekly or so rotation.

Which is what it was originally - infrequent with multiple changes that they could easily revert but were also considered experiments. Jeff also states that Experimental doesn’t and would not be just for balance changes.

If you don’t believe me - then I recommend on watching those videos as those are official updates and show the original intentions of what experimental was meant to be - it’s also why we had a drought of experimental up until hero pools where it became regular with balance changes rather than experimentation.

That’s on you.

Cherry picking narratives.

He does not . He emphasizes and explicitly says “what we are looking for are gameplay changes”

Which is why brig was experimental and Moira and Zen.

Drastic game changes are not promised. A larger community giving feedback is what was promised.

He says it’s meant to be aggressive…to the meta. This isn’t the same as agressive in general a la 321.

It’s literally what we got. Brig. Zen. Gengu.

Which is further emphasized with written confirmation the launch date

You just wanted to cherry pick a narrative.

You can say “hey Jeff…321 is more appropriate for the general public for aggressive changes.” But it was quite clear that “aggressive changes” was meta bound in the original intent of experimental…because he says this. And elaborated in writing.