Was this really a bug, or did Talon just arive in Hollywood?


I don’t pay attention to lore, but is this an inside joke and a hint at the next hero?

Has this already been talked about?

Am I way off the mark?



Sounds like a graphics issue to me but I’m only guessing. Then again, they said Doomfist can level a skyscraper…

…even thought he can’t level a car, street sign nor pot plant in-game :grin:


I don’t follow. What does a skyscraper looking black have to do with Talon?


I don’t follow lore so please forgive me.

Talon lives in a sky scraper ^^

maybe it’s not talon, but it seems like a new hero just moved into the Hollywood skyline. idk maybe?


Talon is an organization that has several leaders spread throughout the world. However, there is no information on any Talon activity in the USA, as far as I know.

Most of their activity that has been shown to us was in Europe, Asia and Africa.

I think it was just a bug.


Not rendering proper lighting on some models is a frequent bug. It’s unlikely this bug was intentional.


I’m 100% sure that it was just a graphic bug, but i like the idea of them masking hero teasers as bug fixes or other things like that