Was this a server bug or PC bug?

I started up a QP match a little bit ago and got a capture map. My team was defending and as I made my way to Point A I received several notifications of people leaving the match. I was paired with random people so I don’t know how many were from my own team and how many were from the enemy team. I never really got a chance to check because a couple seconds later I lost all sound and seconds after that my game completely froze. I could see my mouse pointer and move it around the screen but nothing would react. I had to do a hard reboot of my PC to get out of this state.

Now lately I’ve been having those “Your Rendering Device Has Been Lost” bugs but I thought I had fixed that. At first I thought that maybe I hadn’t fixed it after all but then I remembered all those other players that suddenly left the match. I wonder if it’s related.

Can anyone provide any insight? Did something happen to the servers to make my game glitch bad or do I need to keep digging into possible PC problems?

First just try a quick Scan and Repair to see if this resolves the RDL errors. Otherwise check this guide for more advanced troubleshooting with RDL errors.

Realistically, the error you encounter is when the graphics card on your machine is literally shutting down on you, so this can only be something from the machine end, whether it be a driver issue or potenial hardware failure.

I am doing the scanning now.

I saw that other topic and have gone through it thoroughly already. I’ve updated my drivers to the latest and been doing everything I can to fight any potential overheating issue. Checked everything else too. I am wondering if it’s time to simply get a new graphics card. Overwatch is the only game this has been happening with but maybe I should play it safe…

Do I need to do anything to my PC to prepare for a possible upgrade? Or can I just swap out the part, start up my PC and it will function fine?

I had this soft lock of my pc before, and sadly I found out in the middle of a comp game. If you’re running nvidia cards, make sure GeForce experience is downloaded and install the game ready driver. Solved it for me