Was the Mercy rework a Success?

You really should stop posting these outdated graphs. They prove nothing, as anyone with a keen eye can see that the top one is missing two supports, and the bottom one has one too many.


However you could stop hide and seek by removing invuln and adding an LOS requirement and keep the balanced state of Mercy.

Again… no context…

Assuming Resurrect as a concept in the first place is balanced and has a place in the game. Which many would argue about.

No mass ress is a toxic ult.

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Titanium’s post just provides the best most detailed post and everything about mercy. even gives good suggestions on how to make her ult work



  1. How do you compare historical data without using old data?
  2. Yeah, still waiting on the newest OmnicMeta, but not much has changed in the last month.

Your statistics are biased because of course lower elos will play Mercy. Look at her GM pickrates. Pre-rework Mercy was picked in GM just as much as Lucio; does this mean Lucio is also OP?

At the time, Mercy’s only competitor was Ana and she was garbage tier as you are well aware. I am going to post this comment every time you try to use the same biased stats.


Although all of them assume Res should stay instead of making a brand new original ultimate.

a brand new ultimate loooool might as well make it a new hero my friend.

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Resurrect is a pure game mechanic, nothing about it is real in the lore.
Its not the core of Mercy.

Depends on your definition of success for the rework.

For most people that would be producing a balanced character. And considering Mercy was being nerfed and only nerfed every single patch for 6 months in a row, and she still managed to be OP… well, that’s a definite failure.

On the other hand, Blizzard’s definition of success for the rework was to stop the “Die on point, I have Rez” epidemic, and that has definitely been achieved, so they see it as a success. What did it cost? Everything, but still, a success in their eyes.

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i didnt say anything about lore or no lore. I’m just telling you might as well make that so called new ultimate for some other new hero.

It is a proven concept however.

Is Transcendence a toxic ultimate? If yes than I question your idea of balance greatly
If no than whats the difference between killing 5 people with an ultimate and resurrecting 5 people with an ultimate?

But it was the icon of Mercy and was core to her kit. Why did she only have GA during that time?

I mean why did they have to make this abomination when they could easily just remove invuln and add an LOS requirement? Oh wait Geoff Goodman is the lead balance designer.


Think of it like surgery. When the doc fixes you the surgery is a success.

When Mercy gets about 20 Michael Jackson nose job touch ups with her kit by the devs that’s a failure exposing bad design.

She like other heroes that become a balance problem in this game should always stay in the ptr kitchen cooking until they are a finished polished balance product.

Feedback should be listened to as well to double check if any hero’s kit is lacking like Sym’s primary.


You’re breaching on spam-levels of posting with your constant usage of this completely outdated and misleading information. People have proved to you time and time again that those numbers did not take into account 1. It’s only showing a sample of all the elos. 2. Is showing Mercy AFTER her invulnerability buffs. 3. Shows Lucio as being a must pick during that time. 4. Had no competition except Ana as a main healer, who was doing poorly due to triple-tank finally dying. 5. was before the SR exploit was patched.

None of those issues are relevant now and none of them were solely due to Mercy herself. So bringing them up as proving why Mercy was a problem makes no sense.

Please… Learn to use some actual context before spamming every Mercy thread with data that is subjectively bias.


Now we just need to wait for them to go too far and Resurrect falls off her character sheet forever.
Lol sorry, I had too :stuck_out_tongue:

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plus jeff himself said he’d like to keep it in the game and try to balance it. just waiting till he does that lel

note that there is the infamous mercy megadump that provided amazing ideas but dunno man. they seem wasted there : )

There isn’t much point of doing that. Reducing the potential rezzed to 1 person in her ult would mean you’d have to reduce her ultimate cost. You may as well just leave it as a cooldown instead.

Though you were right when you say it needed nerfs. Well, not nerfs, more like tweaks. If you spend 5 minutes reading through Mercy feedback, you’d know how popular this idea is:


  • Ultimate.
  • AOE 5 man potential.
  • Line of Sight requirement (no hide and rez).
  • No more invuln, maybe a damage reduction or a burst heal to Mercy instead.

In return, she is granted an E ability. perhaps one that reduces enemy damage or increases her healing output temporarily.