Was forced to accept leaver queue status WHILE IN GAME W A FULL TEAM ACTIVELY USING COMMS w no internet intteruptions?

While in pickphase talking on bnet comms I am prompted to select accepting leaver queue status… my net did not crash YouTube and twitch stayed alive w.o interruption but blizzard submitted me into toxic leaver queue punishments WHILE IN A 6 GROUP GAME?? As I’m trying to select my character a page comes up that I cannot avoid and the afk tuner begins forcing me to either get booted for afk or accept leaver queue for a game that I have never left?? So I decide to accept and get the game going so as to not abandon my allies but instead of letting me game blizzard kicks me? I eat 50 points automatically Bcus blizzard kicked me and now have suffered nearly 20 free win games due to being majorly a solo queue player who’s now being matched into actually toxic players??? For why?? I 100% feel like I’m being punished for openly bringing up the conversation of toxic players In solo every match on social media…

Hello again, GGDreamCptn. I responded to your original post in the General Discussion Forums, but here my response again here.

I am having a bit of trouble of trying to understand what problems you are having. Based on your description it sounds like you have either severe latency issues or a program outside of Overwatch interfering with the game. First there is no “low-priority queue” in Overwatch. Once you serve any competitive suspensions, you are paired normally like in any other game. Please take time to describe this “page” or dialog that you encountered. If you are having internet latency issues, please take the time to review this support article:

Troubleshooting steps for disconnections in Overwatch

I know you specified that other internet services was working but it is still important to work through those troubleshooting steps. If it is a different problem you are encountering, please reply here and provide careful details.

As a friendly reminder, all crashes and disconnections does count as leaving the game and will be penalized appropriately. Please avoid Competitive game modes until you can thoroughly troubleshoot and resolve any problems, and test by playing several matches of quick play or an arcade game mode to see if the problem has been resolved.

I was in comms and actively talking to my 6 group… we started a rankedd match… instead of showing me hero selection blizzard forced me to accept leaver queue status, while still in the comms i ask my group of players and confirm i am still on bnet servers. i did not disconnect at any time. i did not want to accept this leaver status bcus ive not left the match or any matches recently… the timer for afk players while in game begins to countdown. now i am forced to be kicked by blizzard bcus i am unable to join hero selection as blizzards prompting for accepting leaver queue status makes everything else locked out until its accepted, or be kicked by blizzard for afking while in a match that i am unable to ddo anything bcus blizzard has me locked onto a screen thats flagged me for leaver queue. so its be kicked for afking in the match, or accept this bogus leaver queue warning… i accept the warning and blizzard immediately kicks me from the match. there was no options for me to avoid this message and i refuse to let blizzards afk timer boot me and punish me for real… little did i know i would be kicked from the match that was still in pickphase for accepting blizzards prompting that falsely said i was a leaver.

I DO NOT HAVE TECH ISSUES NOR CONNECTION ISSUES. this is purely blizzard forcing me to accept leaver queue status while in pickphase on an unavoidable locked screen warning me about leaving… i did not leave you can prolly check the time stamps and see that im in game using bnet comms being flagged for afking in a match. I had zero intentions of leaving any match but after accepting this false warning about leaving matches, blizzard kicked me from servers… look at the time stamps for afk in game warnings and then compare it to me accepting your leaver queue punishment time stamps and then the time stamps for when i actually left said matches time stamps. please provide proof of these time stamps. again there was no discconetions or leaving on my end. blizzard forced me to accept a warning and that warning (unwillingly) booted me during pickphase(well 30 secs after pickphase bcus yea the afk countdown began as I was locked into accepting a leaver penalties warning and unable to action in game until doing so).

@WyomingMist This is a bug which seems to be affecting some players. We made a thread on the bug report section about this as well.

This problem used to be in an old patch as well. Looks like it’s back. Not completely resembling to OP but it’s similar to it.

You can read what I’m saying yet? I think I did a pretty good job of relaying info…

It sounds like its a bug and should be reported in #bug-report for the developers. Blizzard’s tech support crew doesn’t handle these types of issues.

ive posted in like nine of these topic places and this is the one they are responding on, please feel free to go to my thread over there and help… Blizzard kicked me in pickphase after forcing me to accept leaver queue status even tho i have never left a match..GG

The developers are only going to respond in that forum if they need more information from you. They offer an explanation of that in the thread pinned at the top of the Bug Report forum :slight_smile:

WyomingMyst and myself are forum volunteers, not employees.

welli guess it worked but its kinda toxic to leave me hanging like that… but i do see the map i was kicked from has been removed from rotation so im assuming i helped in some regards