Was Digging Through Patch Notes and

Well there goes a counter. Again I don’t this was a bug, just a cover up as an excuse to make Brigitte more OP.

Junk bombs don’t damage rein when shooting his shield, there’s no reason brig should be different.


yea if it hits shield she should not take damage. thats jsut silly. now i can see an argument for edge of shield the splash. her shield is smaller and spash would hit her if its on the corner. but its silly she takes damage.


This doesn’t really change the fact that Junk can melt brigitte’s shield in less than a clip, and can still be a serious threat between nades and mines, since she relies on getting close, and he outranges her aside from flail, which also pushes junk back into the range he wants to be at when engaging.

Brigitte has no answer to range, and she has no form of self-sustain other than getting into the thick of things, which forces her to drop shield. 600 HP is also not a ton in the midst of a teamfight.

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So she takes no damage now? What about splash damage? Her shield is rather small.

The issue was that damage was going through Brigitte’s shield. Grenades exploding next to Brigite should damage her, but not grenades exploding against her shield


Junkrat doesn’t “melt” through her shield in less time now. The problem with Junkrat and Pharah’s rockets is that they tend to damage Brigitte through her shield. Concussion mine as well, it would deal full damage to both her shield and herself. For a time, Tracer’s pulse bomb also ignored her shield and damaged her directly.

look on the bright side

pharah’s rockets still hit her through the shield for now.

but in all seriousness that crap was obnoxious and i’m glad it’s gone.

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You missed the part where Brigitte’s undamaged shield can still be broken with 5 grenades, meaning he can one-clip the shield from out of her stun’s range.

Huh. Being able to completely strip Brigitte of her shield while not having to fear one of her most powerful abilities… I don’t know about you, but that practically screams “counter” to me.

Please explain to me how it’s fair or consistent for Brigitte to have the only shield in the game which doesn’t completely protect her from blocked explosives? This “feature” was an obvious bug that needed fixing.