Want to Join a Team?

Hello! My name is Alyx! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I have put together recently a community for Overwatch (and soon to be Overwatch 2) and looking for active players to join on PS4! It is a rather simple team, Wether it is quick or competitive play this community is made for everyone and everything! Non-Toxic, LGBTQ+ friendly, and
:warning: STRICTLY MONITORED! :warning: We also host mini-competitions where you can win prizes too! Do keep in mind however that this community is BRAND SPANKING NEW! so it will be a bit before we can start doing all that stuff! If you are interested please do not be shy and come say hi! My PSN is DoctorCatfish.
Also, I am currently working on a discord thingy too for those who like to use that app!
Any questions? Please reply to this post or message me on Psn!
Again, PSN: DoctorCatfish

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day/night! :smile:

(P.S this is to bring people together and make new friends! and to play OW and grow together as a team! Nomader if we win or lose)

PSN Community is called OW Team Bloodhound!

hello! I am interested! Is this based in North America?

Yes, it is! If you are still interested let me know! :grin:

Awesome! I will add you on ps4 next time I get the chance. My PSN is Heccya. I have been playing on xbox for a few years, recently got a ps4 so my OW account is pretty new.

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Okie Dokie! Cant wait to play!

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