Waiting for doomfist buffs now

Ana, Zenn literally had no way to counter his ult, they would just die unless the DF made a mistake.


No he will be put where he belongs after this patch. He will no longer be OP from now on.


Yeah and she’s getting the stick too. your point?

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My point is that df stats (winnrate and pickrate) were only high in gm while brigitte stats were all ranks. Brigitte doesn’t need buffs because she was broken but df was only good in top 0.5% of players.

Also cc was his problem now that most of his ccs got nerfed we can buff his other stuff.

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He basically just got a buff to his ult announced… making his Inner Ring with 300 Damage a third bigger is a lot… but not a nerf.

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Still only cced or afk people will be in the middle area. 90% of times df deals damage using bigger circle and now even that won’t work. His ult is officially a glorified recall botton.

Spot the bronce :^) .

Corners bro. You bait him and avoid damage at the other side of the wall. I thought that was basic

Gr8 b8 m8. Doomfist is going to be fine lol

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Remember when he was a troll pick 3 seasons ago? And without any change as of now? I think people just took for granted not to have to deal or learn how a doomfiat played. Now that people learned how to play him, suddenly he is op.
Regardless, of topic, this game which is inherently team based, always suffer from an entitled underperfoming community. I only wish people could at least turn on their monitors…

Tracer actually has to aim and is another level of difficulty on cd management.

I am honesty glad that they are removing the restriction that he gives when using his abilities.

I been saying this for the longest time, the only restriction that Doomfist should give to the opponent enemy, should only be from Rocket Punch.

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And their not done dropping another couple.
Continuing the discussion from Incoming PTR Changes:

Removing the loss of air control on both is fine. You feel less helpless and doom needs better aim.
The seismic nerf is terrible.
The meter strike change will be interesting, but is still probably more of a nerf

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He had extremely similar stats to Brigitte. They were really very similar.

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Remember when he was a troll pick 3 seasons ago?

I’m sorry, but that’s exactly where he belongs. Well maybe not a “troll pick” but at most a 2nd-tier pick. A character whose every skill is a CC should never be a pick that comes out in literally almost every competitive. It just ruins how fun the game is. (Which is why they’re also nerfing Brigitte) I’d rather fight against a tracer genji comp then a doom. At least I don’t feel terrible when I die to them compared to when I get killed by doom.

why do 4 nerfs all at once though? Why not do 2 nerfs, see what the results are, then do 2 more if they aren’t enough? I get that doom is a bit too strong right now, but they just buffed reaper, road, mccree, bastion, torb, etc.

It honestly seems like blizzard is just haphazardly throwing nerfs at doomfist saying “people say he is op, just do something to stop them from complaining!”

I am worried they are going to do the exact same thing they did on release, nerf him to the point where he is considered a “troll pick” and then ignore him for 9 months.


laughs in Roadhog

you better get a chair, cause you’re gonna be waiting a while

Only in gm. In other ranks df stats were either average or below average.

And the reason for his good gm stats was that he was one of a few goats counter.

4.2k. What a weird bronze* area I suppose. Mr 2.9k

He still needs to be nerfed, any buffs would make him a broken hero. His one hit wonder attack is OP as it is.