Waiting for doomfist buffs now


Last 2 nerfs were enough to kill the hero and he got even more nerfs now. Doomfist needs some massive buffs afterthis otherwise he gonna be a troll pick at this point.

Reduce his cds maybe. Faster reload. More bullets. Smaller hitbox. More shields. Something most be done.


Funny joke btw. thank god he got the stick.


Not our fault you don’t know how to counter Doomfist


If he’s the fighting game, love letter then how about…

Passive: When Doomfist connects with an ability, it lowers the CD of the other abilities (not ult) by %.

Give the Mango Sentinel some positive frames.


Had nothing to do with countering. the dude is unhealthy for the game.


If you think df is unhealthy you haven’t seen mercy and brigitte.


Mercy was one of the origional heros released. She was the first healer. If anything the other healers are unhealthy for the game and shes fine.

Overwatch was advertised as the game for everyonr; fps players, mmorpg players and etc. The mercy hate needs to stop. She does have a high skill ceiling. Game sense, positioning and even mechanical skill are required.


Nice joke. So you want Brigitte nerfed, and Doomfist buffed. Haha.


No just no… Cancerfist needs to be put down.


Yeah because all of the df abilities pretty much got nerfed and he didn’t had broken stats in the first place.

He will be buffed either sooner or later.


Good. Let’s start the delete Doomfist movement shall we? And Tracer while we’re at it.


Good luck with that .


Ana, Zenn literally had no way to counter his ult, they would just die unless the DF made a mistake.


No he will be put where he belongs after this patch. He will no longer be OP from now on.


Yeah and she’s getting the stick too. your point?


My point is that df stats (winnrate and pickrate) were only high in gm while brigitte stats were all ranks. Brigitte doesn’t need buffs because she was broken but df was only good in top 0.5% of players.

Also cc was his problem now that most of his ccs got nerfed we can buff his other stuff.


He basically just got a buff to his ult announced… making his Inner Ring with 300 Damage a third bigger is a lot… but not a nerf.


Still only cced or afk people will be in the middle area. 90% of times df deals damage using bigger circle and now even that won’t work. His ult is officially a glorified recall botton.


Spot the bronce :^) .


Corners bro. You bait him and avoid damage at the other side of the wall. I thought that was basic