Wait they buffed Rat guy?

Can I have the link to the patch notes? I guess Demoman is good again

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This “buff” only makes it easier to kill already damaged enemies, and increase the amount of potential riptires a rat could launch.

So its a buff sure, but a buff in the wrong direction. Its similar to how they buffed mccree, it was one he did not need but it was still something. Junky will definitely rise in pickrates gold and below. However once good widows hit the ranks, junk will be as hard as always to play.

Edit: removed misleading information, my bad.


It’s an Reaper type buff. Buffing the wrong thing for him. He didn’t need more damage just more consistency.


he could oneshot tracer with dmg boost BEFORE the buff, so he can definitely oneshot her now

I thought she was left with 10hp, in live its 30hp. Or is that without damage boost?

That would be without the damage boost

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They buffed him, if you can hit anything with his Schrodinger’s projectile. If all your hits miss, or phase through people, you’re not going to benefit. If your nades hit, you get a decent buff.

Aye, I edited my post. Removed the bad info

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I thought you were talking about Hammond at first. I think Sombra’s rubbing off on me.

He needs the nade size back, not a dmg buff

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It’s defintely a buff out of left field, and one that really could have some serious nerf implications down the road.

But a buff nonetheless.

I’d honestly take a projectile speed buff over hitbox buff.

Or that instead yeah

thats without boost
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Buffed the wrong thing cos the projectile is super small, but I kinda chuckled when I read “Demoman”

Eh, kind of. He does 10 more damage but also a 10% increase to his ultimate charge. I rather they keep the increase to ultimate charge but instead of increasing damage they increased the projectile size. He’s biggest issue before his nerf, way back when, was he was just getting his ultimate off way to often. Now his shots are just ghosting through people cause the projectile model is bigger than the actual projectile.