Wait, Symmetra's ramp up is now 1 seccond? (need comfirmation)

According to the patch notes, Symmetra’s primary fire was originally 2 secs, then reduced by 20%, making it 1.6 secs.
Then 2-ish days ago we got a ptr patch saying her ramp up has been increased by 20%, so 1.6 x 0.8 = 1.28 secs
And today we’ve got another patch stating:
Continuing the discussion from Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – March 1, 2019:

So, unless this was an accident, it means that 1.28 x 0.8 = 1.024 secs
Meaning Symmetra’s ramp up is now double what it used to be back when Sym 3.0 was released.
That’s amazing if that is the case, she’s now very strong if you’ve got good tracking, even on squishies.
I’d love a confirmation though if this is true or if Sym changes slipped into patch notes twice

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False. It was only increase 20% once ever in this PTR. They added that note from today’s patch because they forgot to add it to the other one.


They didn’t though

it appeared in the PTR notes from 2 days ago, and again today in the very short update

That wasn’t the actual patch note page. This was:

yeah, but it appeared a second time in today’s patch

It only got added once I did extensive testing on both patches on live and ptr. During the Feb 28th patch it was still the same during Live and PTR.

So March 1st was the true inclusion of the prediscussion patch notes.

I will note this though, while her ramp up damage did increase by 20%, I believe her damage output was adjusted to essentialy making this a netgain buff.

Since you shouldn’t exhaust the same ammount of ammo currently on PTR as you do on live when taking out a bot on the shooting range. Since essentially you would technically only exhaust 16 Ammo on PTR and 20 on Live. Yet you still use 20 ammo on PTR. Thats my take anyway.

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