Voice lines destroying frames


I play on Playstation 4 mainly so I’m not sure if this occurs on anything else, but if you spam anything on your communication wheel it literally drops your frames down to 1 and the game becomes unplayable and broken, please fix this.

(Chris Avina) #2

Thanks for the report. We’re looking into it now.


PC also, everytime someone uses a voice line like “group up”, “I need healing” the game stutters(fps drops hard).


I am having this problem too, also when I change my hero.


my game freezes for a whole second now, if i press P or Escape.


people are trolling/throwing games rn because of this bug. it’s horrible.


im experiencing the same thing. Little freeze during the game.


blizz people are using this to throw games now, please fix this ASAP.


Yep, same here. Me and my team (we´re 5 stack) actually lost a Comp game today because our random decided it´s fun to spam “group up” for like, 2 minutes or so.
The game stutters HEAVILY if ANY message appears on screen.
No matter if it´s “XY changed hero” or if it´s any communication, every single written message causes the stuttering.


Someone actually used this to throw my game


More than 24 hrs are passed and the game Is still unplayable. Last time It frozed completely my PS4 and I needed to shutdown forcely. For now I have Just uninstalled the game to avoid any damage. I think that this issue Is more serious than It seems.


I hope they actually fix it, and make it so you can disable the voice comm at will, it is kinda annoying when people spam the comms anyway.


Yeah have the same problem on Xbox One. Blizzard please fix it.


It got better for me for a while but in the last two games I just played the lag re-appeared and made the game stutter harder than before. It made my character/game freeze for a second when a voiceline was used.


Yeah same here, I stopped playing it, cause people start trolling with it. Overwatch is awesome and we love the game for this interacting but right now we gotta tell each other to stop using the communication… I’m playing pn PS4 too. Just Keep updating us so we know how long to wait for it, that would be helpfull.


It’s happening to my friends and me.


I’ve been playing on PS4 with some friends and we all have been experiencing this to varying degrees and not always at the same time as someone else is experiencing it.

Anytime there’s dialog on the left side of the screen, whether it’s a group up line, need healing or some one joining or leaving the game, the match stutters.

There are times where I’ll play briefly and the problem starts right away or I can play for a couple hours before it starts doing it.

I’m wondering if it’s map specific, now that I think about it…


Please report any player which takes advantage of this issue to throw matches. I have a list of names which I can share in private (PS4)


This issue is horrible. When it happens to me it freezes and logs me out of the game. So it looks like im leaving in the middlenof a game. Who can i report that to so indont get penalized??!??!?!?!?


Any updates on this? When will this be fixed?

I’m also on PS4 and can’t stand those who are trolling with this bug. I continue to play daily because I love this game, but the stutters/lag trolls are going to ruin this game for those of us who just want to play the event.