Voice chat no sound (dxdiag & owlogs included)



since 2 seasons i´ve the problem that i can join the team chat but nobody hears me and i cant hear anyone. Sound and mic is working on other games.

This one did not solve my problem

dxdiag: www. dropbox .com/s/qr9vbmwg62ebnl6/DxDiag.txt?dl=0
owlog: www. dropbox .com/s/qtp0wnoqq7ueakk/Overwatch.log?dl=0

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Something is happening with your Audio drivers, as they are displaying a crash in the dxdiag you posted.

Disable your other audio devices when you try to use your headset with Overwatch. Also, you may want to update your GPU drivers, since they are from mid-last year and there have been several updates since then.


As Nicole mentioned, we’d recommend reinstalling the audio drivers. Can find those here.

As this is a MSI board, we’d recommend uninstalling MSI Nahimic if you have it. Past that if there’s still issues, please include info on what mic\headset you’re using along with any other audio equipment you have connected.


Hi Zhyxen, you´ve posted me the MSI Nahimic driver that i should reinstalling. Didnt worked for me. Used a common Realtek driver (not MSI Nahimic).
Problem solved, Ticket can be closed.
Driver for my solution:
www. chip. de/downloads/Realtek-High-Definition-Audio-Codecs-fuer-Vista--Win-7--Win-8-_-Win-10-64-Bit_47597342.html