Voice chat channel not working?

Every time i try to join team voice chat, it doesn’t join anyone else it just says Team voice 1 player in channel (me) with my microphone icon muted, and won’t unmute. Every driver is up to date and so is my OS, and i just reinstalled the game, as well as tweaked all the in-game settings and setting default mic. Im not silenced, is there a way to get back into voice chat?


did you ever find a solution? I have the same issue


Nah. Still locked out, havent been able to do any comp. I assume it has something to do with not being able to join the voice service, cause its seperate from the game? Idk. weak

Same issue here. Didn’t have any problem in OW1; voice chat on other apps like discord works just fine. Very annoying.


I have this issue too but on ps4, hopefully they sort it

Bump. I had an instance of it working; i logged into the client and was able to join voice chat! Didn’t last, by the time i logged in again it’s back to being bugged.

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