Vod review request - BRIG LUCIO plat

YDRTP1 - I have no idea what I should have done here to turn the game around.

Score was 0-3 and we got rolled. I felt like our dps were very bad, and I don’t know what I should have done here to carry this game and win.

You start with brig but then you switch to lucio and get almost no value out of him. I think you should have just stuck with brig even if you died early on. Try to have inspire active as much as possible by hitting rein and then backing up fast or landing whipshots. If you try to frontline as brig, you will feed and die immediately which is what happened at 1:18. What you should have done at 1 minute - fight off genji by whipshotting and shutting off that angle. Because the ana was preoccupied with fighting off genji, she couldn’t heal the tanks properly.
You later try to fight a 1v2 against genji and ana. Why? You end up having to back out which is an expected result. You could have been next to the rein to cancel shatter, thankfully he didn’t shatter anyone here.
The teamwipe 3 minutes in there was not much you could do against grav + nano blade + visor, though you could have engaged with rally sooner. Again, I would have stuck with brig instead of lucio especially since you don’t really get much value out of lucio here. In the attacking side, you swap from lucio back to brig but now they’re playing junkrat and mccree, which brig is weak against so you should either swap or try to make it work by helping out rein, canceling shatters or comboing stun+shatter with your rein.

So I swapped to lucio for nano blade because we had no counter. And at the end back to brig because my team was telling me to get back to brig.

Honestly brig is a better counter to genji overall, definitely better in neutral and for nanoblade you can try to rally, let him dash into you and stun boop then run away. Without rally, you are likely dead. You won’t always be able to do this but try to do it anyways. It is also a good idea to combo stuns on nano blade if that’s an option. Solo ulting nano blade with sigma or zarya ult is also a good idea. It does mean relying on your teammates so do communicate. It is good habit to save stun for ultimates whether it’s shatter, death blossom, dragonblade (within reason). That means ult tracking (could be as basic as keeping track of what was used last fight and what you haven’t seen in a while) is especially important as brig.

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