Visual clutter is kinda a problem

I don’t really have a problem with visual clutter.
Some ultimates (e.g coal, dragstrike) for example are intended to block vision slightly.

I agree there is a lot of visual cues and graphic effects, but you can’t reduce the visual explosion size. The visual size of the explosion relates to the explosive’s hitbox. Reducing the visual size, but not the actual hitbox would make for confusing gameplay.

I was in a game where almost everyone dropped their ultimate.

Glowsticks, laser shows, glowing barriers, and pewpew everywhere. My fps dropped to 10.


I actually wonder if this is in part why longer range hero’s like McCree and Ashe and Soldier are doing so well these days. They have the advantage of being further away from the chaos.


tbh McCree feels like a brawler rn

I used to put pencils, pens, folders, and books all over my desk because I liked a little clutter, that was like elementary.

and dey say go 7v7

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The tiny FOV is the bigger problem. It’s like looking through a toilet roll.

Literally the smallest FOV in any competitive PC FPS game I’ve ever played.


I mean how are you going to improve it. It’s really just ults and abilities on screen. You can’t just remove them.

transparency, lower visual animation…

yes there’s a lot of visual clutters because of the game having so many abilities that needs to be represented visually.

but honestly i think it’s kind of ok, sure it’s a bit much at times, but that kind of comes with the territory, atleast it’s not actual flashbangs and smokes that is supposed to deliberately blind you or remove your vision.

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right its just cooldowns that do the same thing but unintentionally

And then a Hanzo dragon passes thru all that clutter and 12 people are blinded for like 5 seconds.

Sometimes it is way too intense because I can’t see players anymore, but other than that it’s ok. I Think player outlines should be more obvious when abilities and ults blind us lol

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I have visual and auditory processing issues. Things like this are common, but a nightmare for people like me. There’s just so much going on…

Nothing I detest more than an Okami Hanzo ult - why is it so opaque? You literally cannot see through it.

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I have an idea that I think simultaneously solves this problem and queue time problems. What if there were one less hero on each team? What if the game were 1-2-2? I know people didn’t like 1-3-2. They felt solo tanking felt bad, since the game felt too chaotic and there was too much damage being flung around. I don’t think 1-2-2 would be plagued by that issue.

I think that we’re back to the main tank conundrum. What is done with the off-tank? Reworks? Deletion?

Move the and rework off-tanks to a heavy DPS role and supports to main and off-support; 1-(1-1)-(1-1).

Main tank - Heavy DPS - Light DPS - Main Support - Off support.

Queue times would be nuts though.

edit: edits made.

Sometimes when I am playing dps I just have to retreat until everything has cleared a bit. Ofc I am old, but still.

I think those same reworks from last time fit just fine. Maybe do a little more with D.Va than last time.

For sure 1-2-2 would need heavy handed balance changes, but I don’t think that should stop us from making a structural change if we (meaning if the majority of the community) deem it a change for the better. I’m not saying the community feels that way, I am just saying if we tried it and they did like it.

I play ad lowest setting and 50% render scale. On a high end /upper midrange pc.

Omg whats that crosshair