players will get bans if they keep using the program

check this reddit post:

ive used persuit for a few days because we have no freaking scoreboard in the game… now blizz is sending out warnings, i guess i will get the same mail so i uninstalled persuit.

better be careful…

update here is the recent msg of the pursuit owner:


Inevitable really.

Here’s hoping they provide viable alternatives to the 3rd party programs. Improve the UI so folks don’t need to rely on them.


funny thing is ive read about it because of the OWL team tweet…

you would think if an official OWL team is advertising it you can try it out lol.


Inb4 “entire Fusion roster banned by OWL for using 3rd party program”.



How is that third-party apps provide more info than this game does. It would been amazing if this game provides more stats like match history, heatmaps and other detailed info like pursuit does.


For more information on this subject, please check out this post.

Thank you.


At least console players don’t have to worry about these things but yeah. I saw that visor thing on youtube and it was cheating with the way it told information.


Yikes. I can smell delicious drama.

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Huh, didn’t think would be banable since it just gives feedback post-match, unless I’m missing something. Good to know I guess.

edit: Actually I honestly would like to hear Blizzard’s reason for banning I mean, it’s literally just post-match data. Since the game doesn’t provide post-match data I’m guessing no one can?


Not sure about Persuit but blue post is definitely directed at…and thank god for that.

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Does this refer exclusively to, or is Pursuit not permissible anymore?

I used Pursuit a long time ago and uninstalled it. I am now getting this email on an account I created after I uninstalled this program. The account I did use it on (this one) got no such email. The only thing I can think of is they are checking files left behind after an uninstall on active accounts - I don’t play on this one as much anymore.

Also WTF - Pursuit is not cheating. It gives you post-game stats in a browser. It provides no HUD or anything of the sort like Visor does. I have never used Visor.


I personally am EXTREMELY hesitant to use 3rd party programs in any capacity in games I take seriously that are competitive. There are very few exceptions.

I am surprised people at all thought that this would be allowed in a game trying to be an esport?

Like not trying to be shady. Just genuinely surprised anyone is surprised at this in a game trying to be an esport…


Good, now all the people who claimed it was ok because “Lul The pros use it!” finally get a reality check.

I repeat what I said in those threads: What’s popular is not always right.


Does Pursuit really fall into the category?
Everything it provides is after the fact, and have no direct impact on gameplay whatsoever.


dude persuit had contracts with blizz/OWL

give yourself the reality check


Finally! Ban them, ban them all, Blizzard! >:)


I knew Visor would be banned, Pursuit is a little different however since it doesn’t actually give you any in-game advantages (as far as i know), it just gives you extra statistics.


The link from the OP shows a screenshot of the message from Blizzard which directly calls out both visor and Pursuit by name.

Was mostly referring to Visor. I don’t really have a problem with a post-game analysis tool. But I do think Visor could’ve given people an unfair advantage since it was real-time. (Even if it was hilariously wrong sometimes, from what I saw of streams. XD)