VIDEO: PTR 1.46 (66406) Hero Balance Comparison

The following video is a basic comparison to the changes applied in each hero in the recent PTR patch. I hope you find this video handy for your discussions.

Cheers everyone! (^^)v

Note if you are looking for the video that details the “Triple Damage” Experimental Mode balance changes, click here.


Thank you.

Soldier is unbelievably power creeped. He is good at burst, close range, mid range and will dominate if uncontested. He needs nerfs

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Given the fact the buff only targets his slow moving helix missiles, I think he now can compete in the hitscan slot, whereas before McCree and Widowmaker still was the better high value picks mostly due to their ability to consistently straight shoot (Soldier can only shoot the first four shots straight).

Let’s see this change go through and see what happens.

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He shouldn’t be buffed to compete with widow and mccree. Nerf those heroes instead. Bring them down to the balanced level. There is 11 other dps heroes who suffer from powercreep.

Like the development team, I don’t believe there is extreme powercreep in the game. We just came out of a meta game where tank survivability was overwhelming and there are still problems with certain heroes being able to survive too much when they put themselves in bad positioning. I think powercreep is the least of the worries, with more focus on reining in crowd control (so that tank players don’t feel like a pinball), but keep tank survivability a little more balanced so that certain combos (GOATS, Double Shield, Mei/Rein) are unkillable.

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soldier’s niche amongst the hitscan will always be 1. survivability (sprint and heal) and 2. barrier breaking (since spread is irrelevant).

it’s just that mccree (CC) and widow (no damage falloff, one shots) are more usable at the higher levels