Video: How Do I Make Ana Heal Me?


“When DPS players play Support”


“You insult me, I’ll heal you master.” Yeah, that’s not how I roll. If you apologize though, you can get heals. If you wanna be a pushover like that and preserve your false sense of pride you do you, buddy but I respect myself too much to just let people walk all over me.


:spider_web: That’s just a bad, DPS Ana you got. An actual support player will always be looking for crits. When I play Ana sometimes I get tunnel-vision and will pocket without thinking (like if we have someone diving, I focus 100% on keeping them up).

Use the ‘need healing’ command once or twice and try not to tilt if you still don’t get healed. Maybe it’s intentional, maybe they’re just bad, or maybe they can’t get to you. I know when I have a crit that’s behind shields or walls as Ana, I’ll spam, ‘COME TO ME FOR HEALING’ like no one’s business to try and get that point across.


I would have thrown my shield further forward and moved in front of her, If you were really worried about dying in the few steps moving forward to the barrier you could have also used fortify.

People often get tunnel vision but if you stand right in front they will notice you have low health or at minimum accidentally hit you.


:spider_web: Imagine calling someone a pushover because of their support playstyle. :thinking:


Hear me out here. It’s possible your Ana was experiencing an audio bug where she couldn’t hear the healing request voiceline. Here’s a video of me experiencing this bug, where a Wrecking Ball right behind me requests heals, but there’s no voiceline audio:

I could only tell he needed heals because the area was quiet and I heard the text chat sound effect.

There have been a lot of audio issues in the game recently, it’s possible your teammate was suffering from this problem and had no idea you needed heals. There’s a megathread about these and other major game-breaking audio cutout issues right now in the bug forum:


Were you watching the killfeed? Your widow killed Sym; hanzo killed turret; reaper killed Mei.

Instead of worrying about what your teammates are doing, you should focus on the map situation and what you should be doing. And you could have thrown a shield in the doorway to your right and backed up to the large health pack.


Get into her line of sight and stop spamming.


This too. 20charhero


This is a typical Ana in quick play. Since people are there to “have fun”, they don’t heal. Because healing is the antithesis of “fun”. Or they are just bad. I had an Ana in my game a few weeks ago who missed two out of three shots on me even though we were both standing still waiting for the opposing team to regroup. And I played Rein.


theres a few possibilities here:

  1. the Ana player is not a support player. They may be filling and does not have the mind set of a healer so they end up ignoring they’re job more often then not.

  2. the Ana tunnel visioned. Although I can tell if it’s not the enemy team or if they have a dps they’re hitting.

I play tank sometimes (mostly Orisa) and don’t get any healing from a mercy/Ana.


tunnel vision or not, ana heard that orisa say i need healing several times, didn’t bother to turn around and check where the hell is said orisa… That’s a bad ana right there.


I’m gonna drop you right then and there, preferably on you head. You’re already stupid, you can’t get worse.
Grandma instinct feels a lot more aggressive than I imagined.


Move your shield forward, make your way to the health pack, stand in front of her. You have to sometimes play around other team mates.


Get a headset and put effort into the game. No com’s = no substantial effort. Even if you’re a pro at the class. Effort and skill are different. Some people don’t pay attention to text.
If they don’t respond to microphone or the healing voiceline, then duo with someone that will heal you or try a ranked match. Many people in ranked use mics.


Speaking of tunnel vision, you could have dropped your shield to give you cover so that you could walk over and grab that health pack that sat there untouched for like 30 seconds.

I mean, yeah, the Ana should have healed you for the sake of getting her ult, but c’mon. Help an old lady out if she’s otherwise occupied lol.


don’t play quick play and problem solved


Hmm, the Ana wasn’t the best. Can’t do much against that.

Btw, be more aggressive with your barriers, sitting back there won’t do much.


walk in front of her shots and take those heals by force!


These are the kind of Anas that should just go back to playing Mercy.