Video Discussing Rigged Matchmaking = User Engagement

Here’s a video explaining why your matchmaking is broken/rigged/ whatever you like to call it. This youtuber does a great job of explaining exactly what we have all experienced: a bunch of wins, followed by a bunch of losses, designed to make you play more and keep you engaged, rather than get you to your real rank.

17K people gave this video thumbs up, thousands of people in the comments all agreeing and stating they’ve experienced the loss streaks. Have you had enough?


Great video I’m going to give it a watch right now!


“Great video”, before he even watches, I can’t :rofl:


I understand why you would think that way.



Indeed, frustration, keeps me in this game, it’s true. When i win too much i loose motivation to play.


So let me understand the logic.

  1. Bronze to GM runs or Diamonds winning in Gold prove that matchmaking is fine.

  2. gaming companies using research about consumer tendencies and behaviors to drive profit is “conspiratorial” and never happens, even though this kind of approach is literally – LITERALLY – a part of the revenue-generation strategy of every corporation with the budget to investigate and discern anything about their customers.

  3. nothing in the video is true, or even could be true

Do I have it right?


Let me stop you right there, my reply was sarcasm to hulks.


cope + seethe making up reasons why ur hardstuck won’t make you unhardstuck


but…what about equality? shouldnt we ALL get to be GM?


Great video!!! Watched it! Hes right. About everything.



Yeah that video pretty much confirms everything that I suspected about the matchmaker.

Everyone who plays in their actual rank is hardstuck even top 500’s. That’s not why people hate the matchmaking. Manipulating games for engagement via mmr makes your games feel predetermined. SR hardly matters in comparison. Gold games during a lose streak are much harder to win than diamond games during a win streak. Throw in a plethora of smurfs and throwers into the mix and this is what you get. It’s sad to see because ow could be such a great game with better matchmaking.

Why do you think this? And do you think this is true for every player or only some players? I also think part of the reason people assume the matchmaker is rigged is because they do not understand how frequently win or loss streaks should occur if one is playing balanced matches. So they interpret expected results as something that should be uncommon and therefore as evidence of manipulation.


What a great way to put it, I’ve never thought of articulating it like this. Yes, this is absolutely correct and what I demonstrated proof positive in my post here:

I was on a loss streak in Gold tier yet have multiple accounts in diamond and masters that I have solo queued myself, yet was still have difficult matches in gold tier. The white knights can talk all they want about how they think it works, or how it should work, but that ain’t how it’s workin. :smiley:


And everyone who watched your Gold match agrees that you played at a Gold level in that match and made poor decisions that prevented you from winning. If you were looking for a match to demonstrate that you would lose in Gold even when playing at a Diamond or Masters level, you should not have posted one that even posters who agree with you that the matchmaker is rigged described as you playing at a Gold level and making poor decisions that prevented your team from winning.

The fact that you assess that match as one in which you played at a Diamond/Masters level undermines your argument, because it demonstrates that you cannot differentiate between Gold play and Diamond/Masters play. So whenever you say something like, you can play at a Diamond level in a Gold match but the matchmaker prevents you from winning, people will recall that you think poor Gold play is equivalent to Diamond/Masters play.

It’s counterproductive for you to remind people of this.

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From playing since season 4. The same thing happens literally every season. To the point I can successfully predict when I am going to get unwinnable or unlosable games. They always happen in bunches and are seldom random. Other players have reported the same thing. The only ones I have seen saying otherwise are smurfs who circumvent the matchmaker.


Incredible the number of people saying the same thing, yet people are literally telling us that we have a disease where we can’t see things clearly… hahaha, the kicking and screaming that’s going on from the white knights is amusing.


so ur saying winstreaks don’t exist? I’ve had some winstreaks and most of them were when I was at my peak rank

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Could you kindly show me where I have said win streaks do not exist?


I believe this is it

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Everyone is stuck in a certain range. Going on a win or lose streak does not make you unstuck. Any rank at which you win/lose roughly 50% of your games is where you are currently stuck.