Very Low FPS Problem

I am having trouble with my Overwatch. It has very low FPS, but nothing else has low FPS. Usually, my FPS is 60-70 but starting around January it went down to around 10 FPS. I have tried and done everything in articles that say that they have an answer to this problem on the forums. So far nothing has worked. Any help is appreciated.


Exactly the same issue here. I rock 100+ FPS regularly. Now with whatever garbage has been put in recent updates, I will regularly dip to 20 FPS or lower. This. Is. Broken. Looks like Blizzard isn’t interested in fixing it, either. I’ve heard/read nothing about acknowledging the problem and offering a fix. But hey, great news! They’re going to keep adding new things to the game! More content! More bugs! Is that what is meant by balance?


Same here. Tried everything that could have been done to try and fix it and nothing works. I’ll try contacting Blizzard Support but I’m sure they’ll just ask me to do everything again and the issue won’t be solved anyway :slight_smile:


What troubleshooting steps have you actually tried? This issue can occur for a lot of different reasons. From a throttle stand point overheating, and performance power settings, to third party conflicts and settings issues can tank FPS. Some steps I’ve seen help other users resolve this problem or figure out the issue are listed below:

Ensure your GPU and OS Power Settings are set to high performance:

  • Press (Windows key - Q) The search menu will pop up, type in: Power Options
    Hit Enter. Select: Show Additional Plans → Select: High Performance. Exit the window.

  • Right click on your Desktop → NVIDIA Control Panel → Manage 3D Settings → Under the Global Settings tab → Select: Power Management mode → Prefer Maximum Performance. Apply → Exit the window. Restart the computer so these settings kick in properly.

  • Reset the game’s settings → Goto Documents → Delete the Overwatch folder. This will reset the game’s settings back to default.

  • Try playing while the system is in Selective Startup. Some background programs such as Overlays or Streaming programs could cause performance issues.

  • Check for Overheating. If the FPS doesn’t drop right away but starts while playing, it’s possible the GPU or CPU are overheating.

Other Settings you could look at changing:

  • Options Video → FPS Limit → Change to Display-Based.
  • Advanced → Render Scale → 100% only, no Automatic.

If the issue does continue feel free to post up your Dxdiag on a site like, reply with the link but don’t include the .com

Thank you!

Zuv, thank you for your kind reply. I think there is a severe disconnect here, however. Most (and I mean nearly all) of us are at least savvy enough to troubleshoot and check/patch/update, etc. these issues. I and many, MANY others are virtually SCREAMING at Blizzard that IT’S NOT US, IT’S YOU!

What you and many other fine Blizzard folks are continuing to not understand is that THIS WAS NEVER AN ISSUE UNTIL YOU UPDATED/CHANGED THE GAME. Follow the logical thread here, my friend. When nothing changes on our end, but things change on yours, and suddenly this game that we love is literally unplayable a lot of the time… do the math.

IT’S NOT OUR END. IT’S YOURS. I say this with respect and in the hopes that you or someone you report to will finally understand. We didn’t break the game.

You did.

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Howdy JonJay,

I understand how frustrating and complex an issue like this can be. It’s important to note not every player is experiencing performance issues at the moment like this. Most players are actually not having any issues in terms of performance. Nor do I see any outstanding known issues related to low performance after the latest patch or increase of reports. As I stated in my first post sudden FPS drop of this nature is can be caused by many things, thus can have many different fixes for different player systems with different configurations. Some common one’s that are not always caught right away are overheating, or sudden power settings being changed some how.

So that leads us into what the Technical Support forums are all about, information gathering and troubleshooting. That is all this forum is for, and if we find something odd or a link between these reports we can get it looked into by our developers.

A post that says, it’s not US, it’s you with out context of troubleshooting does not help us much at all. Remember it’s far easier for us to tell the player base something is a known issue and we are working on it. I do this when ever I find a known issue posted. Though if you believe this is with an issue with Overwatch only and a bug, please make a post directly to our QA and developers Here with as much information that you can that would help them verify it. In that end that is what we are trying to do either find the source of the issue and fix it or find common themes that would explain the issue to be resolved.

Thank you.

Hey I noticed something, when I play quickplay. I have a stable 144fps everytime, even when a big fight breaks out it literally never drops. But in competetive mode which is literally the same, but games are longer. With MSI afterburner displaying my GPU and CPU utilization, i noticed CPU utilization was in some situation unreasonable high. For example: Control point: Game starts, 144 FPS everything is fine, Im looking in the direction where the point is its stable. But after the first fight. the FPS in the spawn is lowered (110ish) and CPU is higher than before while nothing is rly happening on the screen. Same situation: standing in spawn looking in the direction of the point and CPU usage is much higher in comparison to the beginning, even when nothing is actually happening on the screen. When turning 180 degrees and looking on a wall FPS is back to 144 and CPU utilizitaion is falling. Something isnt quite right there. In quickplay that does NEVER happen. And I noticed that some Maps are using so much CPU resources for example Lijang Tower, that it felt worse in terms of framedrops. Please can you take a look on that and troubleshoot this with different PCs in competetive play. Its literally only ranked I repeat, QP is 100% fluid and fine, no freezes no fps drops. But ranked is kinda a mess sometimes.

Thank you so much Zuvykree! That really helped. But whatever I do, the graphics are terrible. I don’t know how to fix this. I turned the graphics quality to high and above but nothing changes and makes my game laggy too. Pls help!

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Solution: Uninstall Razer Synapse
I was having 10 Frames and now I have 120.

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Thanks for the letting us know what resolved the issue, Razer is a new known issue for FPS issues and listed on our Known Technical Support Issues here. Glad to hear it fixed the issue :slight_smile:

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