Vancouver Titans vs. Washington Justice - FINAL

May Melee • Week 2


Vancouver Titans
Washington Justice
LP: 0 (0-3 -6)
LP: 1 (1-0 +2)

Final Score


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im so sad
I am sitting 6th


ahem: Dogs are amazing

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I think the Justice will 3-1 the Titans. Blast, I am miserable right now between being unable to sleep, the pounding headache, the fever, etc.

I’m expecting a 3 - 0, but I officially pred a 3 -1 because I need to make some risky moves to catch up on points.

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Titans is a plat team apparently

i predicted 3-2 justice :sob: :sob:


Washington is considered a really good team this year.

the safest promotion ever…

but even if they do…everybody loses…pizza hut is terrible

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I’m sad about Titans being bad because I really like Linkzr and I just want him to be happy.

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actually real question

if vancouver were to get there:

  • how many of those promotions do you think would actually be claimed
  • of those claimed how many times is the staff looking at you funny and asking “which promotion again?”

Very few because it’s only Canadian Pizza Huts.

pizza hut is fine, at least it isnt little caesars

same $*^&… different smell

Today’s Uber phrase of the week is “Korean Future Dyson”


I’m shocked how well Teru has been playing despite being on ping.

My 3-1 looking good now.

So is my 3-1 Prediction

I’ve yet to make a wrong prediction

I’ve also yet to make a correct one either…

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