Valorant or Apex Legends and why

Title says it all. What does either game offer, and what do you like / dislike about them?

I hate hiting where I am not aiming at, so CSGO-ish FPS is a pass for me
Also Valorant is not friendly to new players IMO. Not clue on almost every thing while navigation is not good either.
I hate Battle Royle so Apex is also another nope
I now just play OW very casually

More importantly why is Shroud here? Did Valorant get as boring as I expected it to get years ago?

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Since I mostly keep tabs on Valorant, I can say that I like the lore of the game: it’s consistent, the characters are interesting, and it hasn’t halted progress for two years (unlike Overwatch).

My only gripe with both of the games listed are the same one’s I have for Overwatch: the battlepasses and shops are abhorrent in terms of pricing (really wish this trend would peter out).

generally speaking… video gaming is agruably the cheapest form of entertainment. i dont mind the costs if theyre justified. ow2 however is robbery imo.