Valkyrie Playstyle

I think they’re avoiding your question because they don’t have a lot of playtime on the hero. Looking at their post history, the first post topic was about Ana. They are most likely an Ana main who flexes to other supports. Can’t make a guess on how much Mercy they’ve played recently, but from the way they talk about her and if I was to take a guess, I don’t think they actually play the hero themselves. Atleast not substantially enough to make assumptions on her game mechanics. But that’s just my opinion.

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No need to be coy, it’s extremely obvious from your posts that you don’t play Mercy at all.

Oof. That’s where you’re wrong.

But I guess nothing I say even matters to you. Even though OP liked my work so much that they copied it.

Lol. This couldn’t be more wrong.

Nice try though.

Oh, I am wrong? You are not an Ana main with extremely low play time on Mercy then?

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a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.

So if you have actually played Mercy more than a handful of times, why do you post nonsense like “Poke down the enemy sniper or just straight up go to them and shoot them in the head 4 times for them to die” - you need 5 headshots for that, or “Go on a murderous rampage of the entire enemy team with your pistol” - you can’t do that unless it’s Animetic against some bronze scrubs.

Besides, anyone can search for your handle on Overbuff and see your stats from before the private profiles were implemented. I highly doubt you suddenly started playing Mercy a lot after that if you didn’t play her when she was much stronger.

Yeah, like… I dunno. I don’t want to make any generalizations on them but… Looking at the stats myself. There’s an abysmally low amount of mercy play there compared to the other heroes, like less than 2 hours of playtime on Mercy overall.

I honestly don’t think they play the hero and thus has an altered view of the real problems with her. But yeah that’s 3 months ago, so who knows. Maybe they are suddenly a Mercy main now and we’re completely wrong? :blush:

If I was going to read a topic that criticizes Mercy’s kit however and Mass rez. I would at least hope that the OP has played the hero for more than an hour. Otherwise, it kind of makes you look like you don’t know what you’re talking about. :wink:

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.

If something can be changed due to frustrations playing against, why can’t it be changed due to frustrations playing with? I say if Mass ressurect can be changed as its anti fun for others. Valkeryie should be changed as its anti fun for the Mercy.

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I wouldn’t say unkillable. Widowmaker has proven that to me. Suppressive Fire can be useful sometimes, true. Though it doesn’t matter if your team dies while in valk.

I’d also say her DPS is quite good in valk. But good luck convincing anyone (DPS or mercy Main) that using your pistol is a good idea. As you’ve surely learned, it’s like talking to a brick wall

Because injecting mechanical skill into balance is intentionally injecting bias into the equation.

Are you here to finish the argument we started a while ago that you abandoned without giving a legitimate reason? Did you run out of arguments?

Hold that thought…

Aaaand… Go.

Pick that apart. You’d be the first.

Someone missed the quotations in a 27 character quote block.

I think I’ll direct you to this post, as I have already covered this in great detail.


I don’t have any alts aside from a free-weekend account at level 2, and free-weekend accounts aren’t able to interact with the forums. :man_shrugging:

What’s that supposed to mean?

I don’t think we’re hated by the majority of the community. Looking at the forums, I think we are actually appreciated.

How about you have a look at the “Top”, section and specify “All Time”?

You’d think that maybe the fourth thread from the top wouldn’t be the fourth thread from the top if the majority of the community hated us.

I have a suggestion for you. Do not apply yourself as

“I don’t like it when someone satirizes a post I agree with, therefore it must be spam”.



Nope. They said a revert is a no-go. The only response other than that was, “her pickrate is fine so we won’t change her”. Mass Resurrect is still indeed a possibility if they haven’t denied it yet.

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When I say unkillable, I mean unkillable to really any sort of sustained damage. Soldier has a very tough time killing Mercy.

Even a widow can 1 shot a hero while they’re under Zen’s ultimate in order to 1 shot them. The healing doesn’t stop taking 200 HP away at one time.

Absolutely. They’ve gone as far as to call me mental for even suggesting things like that.

Edit: Also, you can see that Mercy’s are pulling the “This is my opinion so it’s not spam” as well as the “Jeff didn’t say mass rez wasn’t coming back. He just said he won’t revert her.” As if there’s any denial that the entire rework’s purpose was to remove mass rez.

Care to explain why an omnic robot that literally reached enlightment with the sole purpose to preach spiritual equality around the globe has one of the best dps and debuffs of the whole support roaster?

Sticking strictly to the lore its not what makes characters fun, suprisingly, gotta use that brain of ours to come up with interesting ideas, even if they dont completely represent the backstory, I thought people knew that by now.

Zenyatta isn’t a pacifist. According to his lore, he will weaken his allies when neccessary to protect people. Mercy on the other hand is against violence as a whole.

That’s a blatantly wrong statement at its core.

No point, I don’t agree with you fundamentally at your core. And last time you used some silly strawman from what I remember. Needless to say if you think mechanical skill has no merit in balance than I literally have nothing to say to you. You are wrong at the very foundation and don’t understand how balance works at all.

And moving along, that’s why your thread is just a bunch of opinions. I can’t take it seriously when you believe in the above statement. Not to mention Mass Rez + 150 AoE burst heal for living allies and Mercy on top of reviving dead allies is so mind-mindbogglingly broken ultimate it’s a wonder how anyone takes you seriously. Only people that want Mercy to be broken and over-tuned like before would want such a thing.

You do understand what I mean though and you can’t deny it is the case. All attributes are present.

Majority of your points are flat out wrong. Most of the threads are spam, and you know it. Saying the same stuff over and over or flat out doomsday silly threads of the impending apocalypse or how Mercy is deed etc. Also nobody thinks you are literally a cult, it’s called a metaphor, look it up. :rofl: The amount of literal thinking and melodrama is astounding. Also Mass Rez was inherently broken mechanic and there’s literally boundless amount of evidence from all the tutorials, videos of Mercies literally doing nothing but hiding to press Q. Don’t even try to deny that this wasn’t a legitimate abusable strategy,

And true.

Many of the likes on your threads are from people with 0 posts and below level 100. I’m sure you have legitimate support from other Reverts and there’s no way for me to prove it but I guarantee you a 100% you got smurfs liking your thread.

That one side silences and false-reports the other.

:rofl: Of course, looking at the forums. The main body of the forums is Mercy mains, why do you think you are able to pull this kinda stuff off? The only reasons why Mercy troll threads exist is because many Reverts like them. Alas, the forums are a very very small percent of the community.

It’s funny when it’s you guys, it’s satire. When it’s someone else it’s trolling/spamming/oppresive against Mercy mains etc and those threads get flagged and immediately taken down.

I also don’t claim to speak for anyone else but myself (whereas most often than not Reverts claim to speak for all Mercy players). The opinions you read are my opinions alone and only relevant to myself. I don’t claim to represent anyone.

However the fact remains, the overwhelming majority felt that mass rez was a broken mechanic, the developers felt that mass rez was a broken mechanic and it was removed from the game because it was a broken mechanic. You may like it or not but this isn’t an opinion, this is a fact.

cultist! unite! :smiley:

<3 it.


A strawman that was literally a quote from your post?

Because you have no counterarguments. You don’t have anything to say to me because you have no clue how to reply to that.

Unless you want to prove the above assertion wrong?

Because if you refuse to shoot down the arguments of another person, then their arguments stand.

Funny. There were 3 people who saw the ideas and all thought that the proposed Mercy would be underpowered. Only one of those players was a Mercy main.

In contrast, you are the fourth person to say that you think it will be overpowered.

And then… there’s the 884 other players who support the idea.


Pick it apart. Pull out the individual assertions, and disprove them one by one. An irrelevant argument that you outright refuse to reinforce isn’t sufficient.

I do. What you mean was what I was replying to.

You forgot to put on your tinfoil hat.

This alone tells me that you are not actually reading the posts, and that you suffer from a bad case of confirmation bias.

Find me two identical threads. I’ll wait.

Someone doesn’t know what a metaphor is or how to use it.

How about you read the post and tell me why the assertions regarding “hide and rez” are incorrect? Would you like for me to copy/paste it here to make it more convenient?

You’re going to need a citation for that.

How many is “many”?

I’ll also need a citation for that.

Well yeah, out of 884 accounts, there’s bound to be a few smurfs mixed in.

Gonna need a citation for that too.

And I’ll need one for that too.

Maybe because our positions are popular among the community?

To me, this just looks like you cannot accept the fact that a post that opposes your position is extremely popular.

Stats clearly show popularity

“But the smurfs!”

Or maybe more of us actually attack the positions of other players rather than directly attacking the group/individuals with generalizations that are both inflammatory and unreinforcable?

Yeah. If one side stays more civil than the other, the side that stays more civil is the side that will receive the fewest silences/404s.

Going to need a citation for that one too.

You seem to have a habit of making assertions that you either cannot reinforce, refuse to reinforce, or refuse to reinforce because you cannot reinforce them.

C i t a t i o n ?


You forgot to add the picture. :stuck_out_tongue:

How did you find that? O_O

Do… do you know where it came from?
Are you a nerd too?

I used Google images. :slight_smile: