Valkyrie Playstyle

I’d argue otherwise. Recently there has seemed to be an increase in hostility to Mercy topics that revolve around a reintroduction of Mass Rez. I think threads like this, while this one seems to have worked out decently, still contribute toward the stigma that many view the Mercy topic through.

I really wish we could have more discussions and such that do not encourage such things, but alas these are the forums and what will be will be.

If they really want to keep Valkyrie my first suggestion, that I’ve made for quite some time, is to allow Mercy to toggle between her split beams and a more powerful single target beam. There are three things Mercy player feel Valkyrie lack:

  1. Decisions making
  2. Impact
  3. “Wow”-factor

Just letting her switch between these would force her to more actively consider her beam management (thus alleviating no 1) and give her a slightly more direct impact (no 2). Mercy players love that playing Mercy forces them to constantly think two steps ahead, so the ult needs to have some brain activity involved.

I’d also suggest increasing the rez-range because the momentum in Valkyrie easily makes you glide out of range, or at least give players some indication so they know when to try to halt their movement.

It would need more, but this would make it somewhat better at least.

I respect your opinion on not thinking that Mercy is underpowered.

I also respectfully disagree with your opinion of “all these Mercy threads to “Muh Mercy”.”

Just like you get to voice your opinions, they deserve to voice their opinions as well. One shouldn’t be written off over the other.

This. The thrill of coming up with the best ways to pull off the ult was what made Mass res so rewarding for me. I think the problem with Valkyrie is that it allows you to generally just sit there, passively helping your team, spectating, hoping they don’t die. I understand that Mercy is a passive hero, but it goes completely against the idea of the word “ultimate”. I think they could have come up with something a lot better in the very least. As of right now, there’s nothing “ultimate” about having essentially a spectator mode, in my opinion.

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.

Or make it so teammates are invulnerable for 6 seconds :slight_smile:

That’s way too steep, that would mean an unstoppable Dragonblade. Another suggestion I made was giving Mercy a 2 second 100% damage reduction for teammates in an AoE (which means stuns still work but not damage) after which everyone is either healed to full health or gets a passive 20 hp self regen for 5 seconds.

Not at all. In fact, I had this very same discussion with you in that thread. You were the one that started derailing the topic:

If you hadn’t insulted people who want to revert Mercy, none of that discussion would have happened.

if you want to insult a specific group of people, I will stand up for us/them.

Also, nice touch on trying to quote me but not actually quote me so I wouldn’t see it.

I wonder who is going to play Undertone when the movie about them comes out. Surely their heroic struggle against the all-powerful Mercy cabal here deserves such recognition.

Stop being condescending and breaking forum rules and I might change my tune. Until then ciao and say hi to your discord buddies. :grinning:

Wow, I couldn’t care less about them to be honest and would be perfectly fine if they didn’t drawn the whole forums with Revert threads and spam to oblivion.

Jeff already did reply to them saying Mass Rez isn’t coming back.


Please stop. I’m dying.

You can:

  • Harass or assassinate the enemy backline (Mercy DPS is 100/s with no crits, which is 2nd highest without abilities on a support)
  • Fly around harassing the enemy team
  • Support your team through choke points
  • Poke down the enemy sniper or just straight up go to them and shoot them in the head 4 times for them to die
  • Let your allies do more damage while distracting the enemy by taunting them with flight over them
  • Go on a murderous rampage of the entire enemy team with your pistol

Literally, not much will be able to kill you as a Valkyrie’d mercy. So instead of being a coward and sitting way back, get in the action and do something that’s not what you normally do as mercy.

While healing like this may be the best option, it’s certainly not the only. If the “best” option isn’t fun, then don’t do that option unless you absolutely need to. People that say Valkyrie is boring are victims of their own poison.

Have you read this topic? “worked out decently” is not what is happening here.

I’m sorry, have you ever played Mercy? It doesn’t sound like it

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My standards are extremely low at this point.

Like… REALLY low…

I’m shocked it’s not breaking those standards.

In response to

This post was even a direct copypasta of my post (I linked it above). And they’re trying to act like it’s not what I said because “it has a different meaning”.

This post is just sad. There’s no debating that.

He doesn’t. Which makes his million posts on this topic hilarious.

What’s sad is the amount of assumptions and hostility that you have towards me.

It’s amazing how nobody is allowed to have an opinion unless they have 151605161 hours on the hero the opinion is on.

Have you seen your tone? Are you genuinely shocked people find you hostile?


You can’t see one without acknowledging everything that’s happened. Let alone the other side.

So do you play Mercy or not? You keep evading the question.

Not all opinions are equal. If I go to a Widow thread and start giving the Widow mains pointers how to correctly use her they will laugh at me and deservedly so since I don’t play her at all.

And I’m gonna keep avoiding it. It’s not relevant or useful to the conversation.