Valkyrie Playstyle

Come on red-coat you know what I’m saying. :grinning:

  1. There are Mercy players.
  2. Among the Mercy players, there are the Reverts.
  3. Among the Reverts, there’s a specific sub-group that pushes their agenda and is coordinated.
  4. Are there outlier Mecy players? Yes.
  5. Are there outlier Reverts? Yes.
  6. Do all Revers behave the same way? Not to my knowledge.
  7. Are there specific Reverts that falsely-report people, spam/troll? Yes.

You can’t prove that reverts are the people false reporting you though… Again, this is just a slippery slope fallacy.

I can though, because there’s only one faction on these forums that I’m diametrically opposed to - the specific group of Reverts that spam/troll, make threads like these and break the rules yet don’t face any consequences. Not to mention, they openly admit to flagging me and I can provide reference as well for this too. Even you are not so callous not to admit that that was trolling in my thread. There’s no way they saw that thread unless they specifically went into my profile, it’s one month old. I also sincerely doubt someone who agrees with me would flag me - pretty much only Reverts disagree with anything I say. Generally, speaking you have to admit that it’s highly unlikely for someone that agrees with me to report me.

Dearie me…anything to justify using the lamest Ult in the game. Sorry, it’s boring as can be. Is it my fault for feeling this way? Yeah, I guess it is. But it’s the Dev’s fault as well for altering her to the point where she’s basically a mobile healing beam with zero game-changing ability or presence. You “gotta feel it” doesn’t work for me. You press a button and float while healing a bit more. Wow…perhaps if I was on some powerful drugs I’d be “feeling it” and have orgasms uncontrollably, but that’s not the way it is.

Mercy’s boring. What did I do about it? I chose to main a different role with different heroes. It doesn’t change the resentment I have toward the current Mercy, but it is what it is. The fact that her Ult makes her more effective in one way, and denies her use of her kit in another way, shows how asinine Valkyrie is.

Mass Rez Mercy was her best form. It made sense. Blizzard broke it with some buffs, and then decided to rework her. They sadly won’t revert her, because they’d admit that their new design is flawed.

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Anyone who finds your post to be of the following:

It’s Inappropriate
This post contains content that a reasonable person would consider offensive, abusive, or a violation of our code of conduct.

It’s Trolling
This post is inflammatory, extraneous or upsetting.

It’s Spam
This post is an advertisement, or vandalism. It is not useful or relevant to the current topic.

It’s a Real Life Threat
This post is threatening to a user.

will flag you. Keep in mind that 2 of these points are subjective meaning you may see it as false flagging when the people who flagged you don’t. All you did was make an assumption that again, can’t be proven, only speculated.

If the devs haven’t done anything about the threads yet, I’m assuming that it doesn’t break any rules.

flagging people is alright though.

I’m sorry, Didn’t I already say that I don’t condone what they did?

You can’t prove this either :confused:. People will disagree with you if they don’t share the same views as you but that’s a separate issue. People will flag you if they either want to false flag or if they believe that you are genuinely commiting a flaggable offense. Simple as. You can’t deduce the culprits down to just those who want a revert because they aren’t the only people capable of flagging you.

Indeed but I don’t recall denying this. :thinking:

Except… Mass rez mercy was never a must pick for 5 months straight… Valkyrie Mercy was… So… In the end… Regardless of number, the end result is that Valkyrie is more unbalanced than Mass res. That’s most certainly fact.

That is subjective opinion that isn’t backed by fact. You can say that YOU don’t think numbers matter, it does not make what you say as true. Whether you like it or not, the numbers are there, and numbers don’t lie. The fact is this: Valkyrie mercy has had way more nerfs than Mass res.

It isn’t about “pettiness”, it’s about being a realist. You can close your eyes and act like the amount of nerfs don’t exist, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. Here’s news for you, even the devs make mistake - and in this case, the mistake was Valkyrie.

I’m glad that we both agree that Valk is a joke when it was first released. I disagree with the rest of what you said completely however. Sorry, but maybe for you it doesn’t matter, because you haven’t mained Mercy, nor can you seem to relate to the frustrations people have playing her. So saying “it doesn’t matter” is showing ignorance on your part.

I am mature enough to admit that Sombra, Bastion, Torb, Ana, and Symmetra were / are all in a horrible state and need to be made viable. I am mature enough to say that Ana needs to be made viable, and that her surpassing Mercy in pickrates in higher tiers is a good thing… But I’m not going to act like facts don’t exist just because I disagree with them or because I find a few of the “mains” of said hero “annoying”. I’m sorry, but that’s a childish way of thinking.

I don’t get the point in being willingly ignorant to the problems of other heroes, simply because it’s players are voicing their frustrations. I commend the mains who main their opinions heard, and I commend the roadhog mains who are still asking for fixes to his hook. That’s called giving feedback. That’s how you make heroes better. It doesn’t matter what YOU feel about the opinions of others on their heroes, what matters is if they are having fun playing the heroes they main. This is a video game designed for you to have fun afterall. If you’re not having fun, you have a right to complain about it. Everyone isn’t going to be happy-go-luck and pink dandelions and cotton candy over every change that happens to a hero.

A lot of Mercy mains aren’t happy, so their complaints are justified just like yours and everyone else’s. How ever “petty” you think it is is irrelevant.

No… I think my argument is pretty strong actually - I understand that. But thanks for the opinion. :smiley: And I’m sorry, am I supposed to be concerned with how much I annoy you? And also, you say you have no “reason” to respond if I think my argument is strong? Oh that’s just you thinking your opinion is fact. Regardless I can almost guarantee that you’re gonna respond anyway, because when I talk to you, you seemingly always reply.

Why you reply to me despite whining about how much it annoys and pains you, I don’t know, but I have a guess.

I believe that I am such a high priority in your life that you make time just to respond to my posts. Despite your constant “frustrations” and saying how “annoyed” you are. You always end up responding to me anyway, following my threads, and seeing what I have to say. You always come back even after you say “I’m done” and I know this won’t be the last response you make to me either, far from it in fact. Why?

Well, If I had to guess, I think it’s because It’s become borderline an obsession for you to follow the posts of the Mercy mains you disagree with, even though you always love to exclaim how “hard” it is for them to understand you and how “difficult” they are to talk to. You must love being annoyed or are just a glutton for punishment, if such conversations give you so much grief, yet you come back to them. And that is, what I find, hilarious - albeit kind of sad.

So… You have no proof that what I’ve stated in facts in that past post I made was wrong? Just giving me an opinion again and acting as if they are fact? Got it :slight_smile:

And aww look, you’ve discovered how to insult people who disagree with you again. How sweet. I was wondering if your small library of rebutting tactics that entails of “insult, ignore facts, and force opinions” was shrinking. It’s nice to know that you’ve expanded said library a few more millimeters. You’re doing great! /s :blush:

Oh, so you just proved me right but find it annoying? Got it!

But yes, let’s keep brushing away facts and reinforcing our own opinions. It seems to be working really well for you so far. /s

You want me to give you a reason as to why I think you always seem to be biased and emotional advice against mass res? You are asking for a subjective answer. Not really sure why what I think about you is relevant to this discussion, considering that you have given no reasons of your own after said accusations of me. No steps required.

You mean besides the points I’ve made comparing Valkyrie being more nerfed than Mass res, being objectively more unbalanced, and your blatant bias against Mercy mains, which I’ve previously called you out on and you haven’t yet responded to? Take your pick Quest. The scroll wheel exists for a reason. :smile:

Except… Mercy winrate still is rising, despite her low pickrate. That’s not the sign of a balanced hero, Quest. How much you care about the length of time since the rework is also irrelevant. It’s been a while, facts are facts.

You are fine to think that way. I want her balanced as well. I also want her more rewarding to play. Mercy is objectively more balanced now than she’s been since the start of her rework, but I don’t find her fun, and a lot of people agree that she is boring to play. In a video game where you are supposed to be having fun, whether that view is subjective or not, is still important. I think it still deserves consideration. Mercy with mass res was objectively balanced while also having an impactful ultimate, so I don’t think going back to it with a revert wouldn’t be a bad thing, especially considering the huge pickrate drops as of recently.

You are entitled to your opinion.

Sure, here you go. :slight_smile:

Oh cool! You have fun with that. It speaks volumes about your character, I assume. :smile:

Funny, I see no such mercy main. :smirk:

Oh you mean you have problems with people who have an opinion different than your own? Got it!

Hmm No no I must completely disagree with you on all fronts there, my apologies. I think the past posts speak for themselves as to who is being factual and who was being “ignorant” and throwing insults around. :wink:

I believe that’s a problem you have. You have proven next to none of the points you’ve made, but sure, let’s keep acting like you made ground-breaking arguments this whole time. Whatever strokes your ego! :blush:

So you don’t have an answer then? Great! Thank you for the confirmation and have an awesome day!

But alas, I know I’m your favorite Mercy main to debate with regarding mass rez (as a lot of others are), but I’m sorry. I don’t believe that this discussion is going anywhere with me giving facts and you brushing them off with opinion, and I have other people that I need to attend to! So I’ll go ahead and pop the bubble with you on this one! This will be my last response to you in this thread. So make it count! :smiley:

This debate has been most insightful, Quest, really it has. I have truly seen some real improvement since I’ve first met you, so keep up the good work! I respect your opinions, and I am looking forward to seeing you in the next RevertMercy thread. See you on the next one!

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.

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You’re absolutely right and playing right into their trap. This is what they do for fun. I identified said individuals and muted them (individually) and for the most part, choose not to engage with them. There isn’t anything to be said that hasn’t already been said a thousand times, sometimes several times in a single day, and there is no actual discussion to be had here.

Oh absolutely. In modern days anything you say is toxic, offensive and abusive to someone.

Yeah, I mean I see your point. And you are right in that regard. There’s no way for me to prove it of course. But it’s highly probable though. I just wish they would get their megathread so the forums can actually have a discussion without being drowned by a bajillion of Revert Mercy thread.

Yep, I had to repeal two false silences so far. I pretty much stopped engaging them either. It’s not a debate when one side bullies you and silences you. Didn’t know you can mute somebody on the forums. At this point, I just want them to get their silly megathread so the forums is not absolutely flooded by Revert mercy threads and actual discussions can be had again.

Since it’s subjective, yep.

I recall you calling us a hive-mind. Are you sure the megathread is the best way to go about it? It will turn us into more of a hive-mind… :sweat_smile: Also, it was blatantly obvious that a noticable amount of people disregarded the megathread anyway and just resorted to post about Mercy in general discussion. We’d just make it worse for Mercy players by bringing it back which is why I think they are not going to be fixing the megathread any time soon.

I think it’s impossible to make you more of a hive-mind. :grinning: But I actually also disagree that the megathread was taken down, for whatever reason it was taken down. I’m not biased in so far as not understanding what’s unfair and what’s fair. Taking down the megathread was unfair, even if I absolutely disagree with your stance and I personally think Mercy is fine and balanced.

My principle fundamentally is that both sides should be able to have a proper debate. Give the Reverts their megathread so they can actually talk and discuss everything, it would also give their thread more weight rather than a bajillion threads.

And the rest of us would also have the peace to have discussions about other things - it’s a win-win for everybody. I don’t have anything against people disagreeing with my views (that Mercy is fine), I disagree with their methods.

Doesn’t matter. Mercy, for all intents and purposes, doesn’t seem to be a must pick now. Cancelled out.

For sure. Blizzard balance. C’est la vie.

It is backed by fact. I have never said numbers don’t matter.

Sure, irrelevant. Number of nerfs mean nothing to me. All that matters is balanced results.

I am a realist.

I don’t act like they don’t exist. I realize the number doesn’t matter.

Yeah, never said anything differently tbh. I call devs out on lots of stuff. Adding 1s to shield bash instead of adjust shield health when it comes to Brigitte for instance. Doesn’t matter.

Good good.

:frowning: FeelsBadMan.

Don’t know what we’re referring to here but for the record I’m flex player. Regardless, any game involves 12 people and only 2 of which can be Mercy. Therefore, we must be consider to the other 10 that may not like playing Mercy mini games when it comes to Mass Rez. Again, they cancel themselves out.

I can appreciate people being unhappy with current Mercy. I just don’t see reason to go back to Mass Rez.

How I, or any other person, feels about other heroes and such, most definitely does matter. If I’m to consider the feelings of Mercy mains that want mass rez, then I must consider the feelings of those t hat don’t. Again, for all intents and purposes, these things cancel each other out in my reasoning.

For sure. Refer to above.

I really hope not. Me stating my annoyance shouldn’t be enough to deter you from stating your opinion.

I have no reason to respond when you stop providing me with alternative ways of considering my position. When I stop learning from what you say, I will stop responding. Trust me on that.

It’s simply. It annoys me when I’m bogged down by having to respond to nonsense. However, if you can encourage me to look at things in a new and different way, then it is worth.

It’s not hard to understand.

LOL. I will say straight up this is wrong and kind of arrogant, but man I really appreciate the thought that went behind this LOL.

Already explained. Please, don’t just succumb to narcissism because what I say seems to invite it. :frowning:

No not at all. I just hate poorly made arguments. And at times I will just call them on it and then see it to the end. Really depends on my mood though.

To a degree. It’s more a catch 22. I’m always wanting someone to prove me wrong, but then by seeking it out I am confronted by so many that regurgitate poor arguments which then serve as punishment to me. As I hate reading poor arguments… It’s such a vicious cycle…

Well isn’t that just life in a nutshell? Hilarious and sad?

Yeah I don’t even know wtf it is you are referring to as facts anymore. You’ll have to specify.

I’'m actually really good at it. I’m holding back a lot.

Again, no idea what these facts you are referring to are. Please clarify.

I gave plenty of reason as to why I consider that 1:1-5 has no place in this game… I’ll have to scroll back and see if I included it all in this particular topic but I’m sure you’ve read my reasoning as to why… You’ve given no reasons or “facts” to compel me to think differently.

It’s too early to conclude anything. I’d hope her win rate would be rising. Otherwise we’d have a serious problem. I don’t get what you’re trying to say with this.

Uh… What? You just recently appeared on the forums against. I’ve been debating a number of people about Mass Rez for a while…

You seem kind of narcissistic, my friend. And tbh, a lot of what you said seems totally meaningless, thus why I skipped it…

Sure, friend… I really don’t know why I’d bother though. You seem to have nothing to offer to the subject.

Think again.

It depends on the person. Mercy players will see it as fair because they were blatantly just getting ignored when posting in the megathread. Non-Mercy players will find it unfair because now the Mercy discussion is bleeding into the general discussion which was, since the existence of the megathreads, was absent of Mercy threads (because of the pesky mods). People usually find something bad when they find it unnatural. People are just nostalgic :).

Alas, another issue. If we make a thread just for reverts there wouldn’t be anything to discuss because everyone agrees with the same thing. It puts a hinder on discussions which defeats the purpose of a community forum.

It’s a lose-win. :frowning:

Okay but surely the current situation is not good either. Spamming bazillion Mercy threads and drowning the forums isn’t what I would call successful strategy. So where do you think the correct compromise should be? Contrary to what people make me out to be I actually would legitimately settle for a compromise that would serve both sides.

Not to intrude. But I can confirm that there certainly isn’t a “bazillion Mercy threads” that exist which are “drowning” this forum. That’s an extremely exaggerated, subjective opinion. :man_shrugging:

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.

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It is if Blizzard have shown that complaining is the best way to get something changed. Take notice of the Mercy rework that was apparently disheartening to play against. :stuck_out_tongue: A bunch of pros complained about this and a noticeable amount of people on the forums as well.

Give a meaningful response and end the spam once and for all. Also, if said threads aren’t being locked or 404, they probably aren’t breaking any rules. This is then just a subjective matter.

Blizzard should be active on the forums and should be responding to the Mercy feedback rather than just ignoring it. They made it worse for themselves when they said that they are active on the forums and read feedback daily. :stuck_out_tongue:

This thread has been derailed so much it’s basically driving in the bus-file. Mind getting back to the original post or take it to some other thread?

Valkyrie might be salvageable if they truly refuse any type of new rework, but they will have to rework Valkyrie and Mercy to feel more engaging. Leaving her as is will not end happily I suspect.


The original post was legit just someone sarcastically poking at another forum members topic…

At this point, it just is what it is.

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i would trade valkyrie with anas grenade, maybe the “heroes never die”-line will make more sense then.

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Hey, I tried to make something a bit more serious about it! :wink:

Don’t shoot the bunny for trying!

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I agree, it has gone quite offtopic. Thank you for bringing it back full circle :slight_smile:

And yes… Valk certainly would need to be more engaging. I think the huge drop in pickrate since her most recent nerf proves that there is a problem with her current state. I suppose we will have to wait and see within the following weeks / months. The valkyrie playstyle as it stands right now, could use some serious improvement.

Well, I mean considering that the parody is in response to a thread by which the author personally believes and has accused various Mercy mains as being members of an actual cult, I think this is quite harmless in comparison to poke a little fun at it. My opinion :blush:

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.