Valkyrie Playstyle


quotes pages from a book regarding cults

cONtExT I aM nOt iNsuLTing AnYoNE

But… They are opposites… and therefore… Not the same… I am completely against your views in mass rez, as is this thread. And this thread doesn’t talk about mass res as an Ultimate, it talks about Valkyrie and Res on E. Not sure why you insist on continuing with me on about it or trying to prove? :blush:

That is completely offtopic to the question I’ve asked… Do you really insist on going there? Because, looking at your past behavior and the posts you’ve made since you’ve been here, I wouldn’t really go there. :man_shrugging:

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.

I really liked where they had her before, cold calculating, unforgiving, but also full of pride, hope for her people and the willingness to do questionable things to keep them safe.

I really though she was going to ask Vol’jin if he wanted a second life, I really thought Vol’jin was gonna protest and she was gonna give some speech about everything the forsaken have done and proven for the horde…

Then we would have have already dead Vol’jin warchief… but now we have 2 xpac building Sylvanas in all the same ways they did Garrosh and it is worrisome…

I miss Vol’jin… and I miss my queen they way she was…

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I’m a horde player myself. Just because of the blood elfs tho. (and cuz alliance heroes look ugly). Otherwise I enjoy Jaina’s story thats all

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I love the blood elves (my alt is BE warlock) their zones, their personality, their place in the lore, I even still consider Sylvanas a BE. : 3

You totally missed the meaning of that post.

The point was that calling something a cult isn’t insulting to the definition of “cult” unless it takes “cult” too far; it lowers it to different standards.

We don’t have an official leader, so that’s out the window.


This is a videogame.

The “law” literally is not applicable in this instance.

As for us believing that our ideology is the truth/correct… isn’t that literally what an ideology is? An ideology is a set of beliefs, and nobody holds a belief without the assumption that said belief is true; that defeats the purpose of a belief.

You haven’t been looking. Mass-Resurrect punished spamming ultimates, which current lacks the checks it used to have. Remember when people complained about GravDragons being unstoppable? Want to know what would stop that combo in its tracks?


Fixing this so that it matches reality: Counterarguments are shot down.

Questioning, doubt, and counterproposals are fine. That was literally the purpose of The Drawing Board.

All of them?

I had no idea that every non-Mercy player is inflammatory to the point of being mass-flagged. I’ve used the flagging feature… maybe a dozen times since joining the new forums.

I also find this assertion very ironic coming from you, being that you have outright admitted to flagging Mercy threads for no reason other than the fact that they talk about Mercy.

Sorry, but you being butthurt because your opinion isn’t as popular as the opposition’s doesn’t make the opposition a cult.

A nonexistent entity cannot dictate anything.

Okay, you’re getting to Matthouse70 levels of conspiracy theory here. He got a pass because he was actually funny about it.

Put your tinfoil hat away.


As does the other side; this is made clear when you realize that you are right now generalizing us all as “cultists”. A bit hypocritical, wouldn’t you say?

Let’s go back and look up the definition of spam.

“Irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of recipients.”
“Send the same message indiscriminately to (large numbers of recipients) on the Internet.”

The threads being posted are:

  • Relevant.
  • Appropriate.
  • Unique from their counterparts.
  • Not indiscriminate.

Therefore, they are not “spam”.

Second, do you really think that a suspension would make anyone change their positions? The position has nothing to do with the suspension. The way they presented it does.

I’m going to need a citation for that one.

This has literally nothing to do with the clause preceding it. And yes, many of use refuse to play the game because Mercy was the primary reason we played the game. When the reason for us to play the game stops being a reason for us to play the game, we stop playing the game.

Nice joke.

How do you differentiate between a cult and a political party?

Just asking.


Oh believe im trying to keep my entire team alive. But apperantly keeping my entire team alive is not enough so i try to atleast make a pick out of my valkyrie. Y’know just a support doing a dps job :smiley:

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More along the lines of players find Valkyrie boring simply because it’s compared to Mass Rez. TBH, Valkyrie is an ultimate that you get just as much out of what you put into it.

If you only sit there and fly to the ceiling and heal, then that’s all you choose to do. Of course that’s going to be boring to most players. But if you find that ability boring, then Ana’s ultimate is boring, as well as most other ultimates that are passive ally buffs.

You’ve got to make the ability fun for yourself. Supports have recently been on a “well do what’s fun for you first” but then refuse to get off Mercy when they don’t think she’s fun.

I think she’s fun. She’s just not viable in higher ranks

I’m glad you think she’s fun. I personally think she’s fun and that valkyrie is an engaging ability that requires some kind of skill to capitalize on as well as get full potential out of.

Some people don’t understand this and tend to just do little to nothing with the ability. Most players just sit there and fly away from the combat while holding down M1. They do nothing unique or important for their team other than heal for the duration of their ability.

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I mean, literally every other support does this, so I don’t think it’s just the job of a dps. Zenyatta, Moira, and Brigitte excel at dueling and getting picks. Lucio and Ana are pretty good, too, especially with environmental kills/sniping.

Genuinely curious (now that the… discussion above seems to have calmed down) what else there is to do in valk? Don’t get me wrong, I’m indifferent to valk. I play Mercy because I like her VA and i think she’s pretty. Neither of those have changed.

But it seems the best thing to do with valk is chain heal/boost and try not to get your head popped off by widow 90% of the time.

Id like to hear less complaints and more solutions.

Heres an idea, once I thought what if valkyrie replaced the ress and her staff/pistol with a small energy one handed shield and staff turning into Throwable light spears on the other hand (a heavily arc projectile, think tracer bomb) , which heal allies by like 75 hp or dmg enemies by 120 hp, spear can be used with a fast left click to poke melee range for 70 hp, if shield gets hit you heal for an amount received, you no longer passively regen hp, you have a weak aoe heal in a large radius (similar to briggitte) , you can see enemy hp bars, you can still fly, maybe ress key could be bind to a whole new ability around this kit, maybe the “enemy deals 30% less dmg debuff” that some mercy players suggested.

Valkyries are supposed to be fierce fliying warriors, not healing bots with a tiny pistol, itd be great to see this in PTR, thoughts?

Care to explain why a well known pacifist in the medical community is supposed to be a flying warrior? Other than the fact that her ultimate name is Valkyrie because that’s hardly relevant.


There is a guy who complied how many times Mercy was nerfed. It was 9 in total.

No ideas where the other 6 comes from.

It’s 14.

  • 2 nerfs on PTR and the nerf disguised as a bug fix

If you don’t count the PTR nerfs then it’s 12 which is still an extremely large number of nerfs for one hero to receive.

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I’m pretty sure you guys are in a cult and that your leader is the guy who made Surgeon Simulator

Mercy is currently the 3rd most played hero overall out of 28 heroes, she trails Reinhardt and Ana

h ttps://

They are referring to the current trends. Mercy is definitely seeing a noticeable decrease in pickrate.

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Number of nerfs mean literally nothing.

The only thing that matters is a result of balance. Number of nerfs, buffs, whatever, mean nothing. It can be 1 as easily as it can be 50.

All that matters is balance.

This is a SIMPLE CONCEPT to understand. Please understand it.