Utility Support Symmetra Rework

For this rework, I want to keep Symmetra close to her utility identity, whilst providing minor healing (this is required by every Support).

Similar to Zenyatta, this rework will focus on a balance between damage and utility, with healing on the side, acting mostly as a passive.

Primary Fire

  • Damage reduced from 60/120/180 to 60/80/120
  • Width increased from .2m to .4m.
    Now that her damage is much lower, there’s no need to trade off high damage with a tighter beam hitbox like we have currently.
  • Time to ramp reduced from 1.33s to 1s.
  • Every other aspect of her weapon remains the same as current.

Secondary Fire

  • Maximum damage reduced from 140 to 120.
  • Speed increased from 25m/s to 30m/s.
  • Now pierces barriers, but does not pierce enemies.
    This makes Symmetra a better pick against double shield.
  • Maximum charge time increased from 1s to 1.5s.
  • Now heals allies it passes through for 40 health when at maximum charge.
    • Will only heal the first ally missing health.
      • Orb will not attempt to heal full health allies.
      • Orb will not heal when charge time was less than 1.5s.
  • 0.25s recovery time removed.

The use of these orbs remain the same as current Symmetra. Players can still spam chokes and get kills, with the added bonus of passively healing one ally it passes through.

Sentry Turrets

  • Capacity increased from 3 to 4.
  • Damage reduced from 40dps to 30dps.
  • Cooldown reduced from 10s to 8s.
  • Target movement speed reduction increased from 20% to 30%.
    Reductions do not stack.
  • Will now target Genji and Tracer when they Swiftstrike/Blink past.

New Ability: Shield Matrix

  • Instantly replaces 75 missing health with 75 shields.
  • Shields are replaced by white health at 25 health per second.
  • Does not overheal.
  • If shields are destroyed, healing stops.
  • 4.5 second cooldown.
    Cooldown begins upon use, not ability end.

This ability is intended to be weaved between orbs. So healing combo is:

  • Shield Matrix > Orb > Orb > Orb > Repeat.

With this combo, Symmetra will heal 195hp in 4.5s. (43hps).

For comparison, Zenyatta heals 195hp in 6.5s (30hps).

I believe this is fair because Symmetra has to put in more work to heal for more per second.

Photon Barrier

  • Duration reduced to 8 seconds.
  • Is now shaped like a +
  • Ult Charge cost increased by 25%.

This helps Photon Barrier be used more like a defensive ultimate that prevents damage when used well. It’s not intended to be on the same defensive level as Transcendence or Beat Drop.

I’m really not sure on these changes, so I’d appreciate some feedback on it.

The Goal of This Rework

To keep Symmetra feeling like Symmetra, but with healing capabilities.

I like this rework because it opens up Symmetra players to either play her offensively and focus on damage, or defensively and focus on pocketing. I’d hope that players alter their playstyle depending on how much healing the cohealer can dish out.

This Symmetra is more active on defense. Instead of just spamming orbs at a choke, you are able to weave a healing/shielding skill between orbs every 4.5s, giving her something else to do.

Removal of her TP was necessary as it encouraged a flanking Symmetra playstyle that was very high risk. Having a healer flank into the enemy backlines to get picks is problematic.

I considered having TP as an optional second ultimate, but people complained about it in my last rework idea so it has been removed entirely.


That reminds me of the Mei/Moira workshop where a orb would freeze very fast.

Im assuming it would sorta work like Moiras orb?

No, it’s exactly the same as Symmetra’s current Orb. The only difference is a healing passive attached to it.

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Or, how about we exchange these extra slow effects for more DPS/HP, as even more CC really wouldn’t be advisable considered the game’s current state…

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It’s used as a method to help Symmetra when playing against high mobility heroes. Slowing down a Genji or Tracer is very useful, especially if Genji is using Dragonblade.

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Certainly, but said slow effect becomes a real threat to high - mobility heroes, just imagine how much more affected heroes with normal mobility would be due to these changes… :confused:

Ooooo Orbs giving shields would be kewl

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I think it’d be somewhat weird considering the only cover most people would get is the base pillar, so it’s basically like a Mei pillar instead, and the rest of the cross would only be useful to flying characters and maybe Lucio, perhaps some strategy to a Translocating sombra or dashing genji but doesn’t seem too useful

This is why shield generator is op, it also make junkrat completely overpowered with his voiceline, they removed it mainly for this, as how they ruined echo voicelines because they were too good and felt like a must pick with 95% equip ratio
Clearly overpowered

It would work really like having TWO walls. It’s just the same as current wall, but 2x better.

This wall would be very useful on control points. When your team is split up on the point, they can be protected from 4 different angles.

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Is it like a square?