Upon starting Overwatch, I get to the main menu and instantly am unable to connect to game server


As stated above, upon logging starting up my game, I am able to get as far as the main menu screen after 30 seconds or so of Overwatch taking up 100% of my CPU and then immediately I lose connection to the game server, even though my connection has never crapped out before while playing the game… This has only been happening for the last week or two and makes it nearly impossible to play because it is the luck of the draw whether it will allow me to connect to the game server upon startup. I’m not sure whether it may have something to do with Overwatch taking up all my CPU on my laptop or what, but I would appreciate any support on how to fix this issue.


Are you still experiencing this issue?


Yes, this issue is still happening. Upon startup, my game will load up to the loading screen and then disconnect from servers. Once I’m disconnected, I need to wait to be given the prompt to retype my login info and then my game will run fine.
Also to note: my CPU is at 100% while loading the game when I am disconnecting.



Does it persist after you delete the battle.net cache and tools files? I wonder if your Blizzard Application’s files have the wrong login information cached for you.