Updates to Hero Pools

Thank you OW team this is great!!!


Why unlock the hero pools now instead of the at end of the season???

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It was formerly Masters+ decayed 50 SR after 7 days, no?

Really good question. Wont not affect me as i have never been higher then Plat, but it would impact games hugely if one team could use one banned hero and the other could not.

Oh yeah, that awkward moment when 3% of the entire playerbase is in 70%+ games of the rest of the 97% playerbase…
(How is that even possible though? Statistically?)

what happens when queuing/ queued into a diamond as a master player and the other way round

It was originally stated that hero pools wasn’t the solution, just part of it. The other part was aggressive balancing. Will there be more “aggressive” balance changes to the meta heroes that was promised in the January dev update?


45% of your leagues matches have ended in a 3-0. Hero pools lowers the quality of the matches and makes them dreadful to watch.

It also makes playing ladder awful and encourages players to either throw or quit playing for a week.

The game and the league would be in a much better place without them and you guys actually just balancing the game faster and harder.


The worse thing about hero pools is that you added it to “open queue” how is it “open queue” if there are hero bans?

Please remove hero bans from open queue competitive.


They really didn’t. OWL has nothing to do with masters and their gameplay shouldn’t be dictating what heroes I can play. If this is the direction they want to take hero bans then I would prefer the system to just go.

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Why not send out an official poll asking people to vote on keeping / removing pools outright? Send it to the masters+ players and see if we even want it. Keep it for OWL only tbh


As they stated, lower ranks see more hero diversity than those at higher ranks.

Nono dude, you don’t want Goats again.

There is goats right now in open queue though?


Nope decay applied to everyone over 3000sr. I lost a lot of SR over the seasons leading up to role queue because of the decay.

I’m glad it’s gone, but I feel maybe some form of decay should be added to t500 to stop players sitting on the rank.

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What would you name it?
Open Queue comes from the idea that it’s not 2-2-2 locked, not that it doesn’t have any recent changes to the system.

Anyway it’s already out of control.

Welp, RIP me having games without Moira. I’m doomed to perpetually having her in every match for the end of time. Yay.


open queue is pre 2-2-2? which didn’t have hero bans either :upside_down_face:

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What happens to players who are in masters lobbies but are diamond?