(Updated) Jeff and Geoff finally responded to Mercy feedback

“Exceedingly rare”…

And somehow, still massively popular.
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Why I Despise Mercy's Current State

And when you actually look at the drawing boards of ideas for these Mercy players (if you get the double-meaning), you find that they aren’t very rare.

The Drawing Board - Google Docs

Looking at that document, the suggestions of potential Mercy ultimates are 6 variants of Mass-Resurrect and 5 ultimates that are not mass-Resurrect.

You would be correct in saying that proposals featuring iterations of Mass-Resurrect are likely more common than proposals featuring non-Mass-Resurrect ideas. You are simply pretending to be blind if you say say that we haven’t provided more than an excess of non-Mass-Resurrect ideas.


Eventually we can all tickle each other and the one that laughs the hardest loses.


Okay, so I’m not sure what any of this means, but I’m going to take a stab at what it means and then address that.

You’re wondering how what you said the second time undermines what you said the first time.

Here is what you said the first time:

Upon me replying by effectively saying that there are more rework threads, you said this:

So first you said they were all buff threads… then you were saying they are all revert threads with heavy modifications?

I might add that these modifications are heavy enough to be treated as a rework.

  • “They are all ‘buff Mercy’ threads.”
  • “They are all ‘revert Mercy’ threads.”

Pick one.

It was Imgur, actually.

Are you tired? Because I don’t think this is coherent.



That was a triple negative that literally contradicts what you’re trying to say.

Get some sleep.


But… literally 90% of anyone on the pro Mercy side of this are split, so regadlesss of emotion if the side that wants to play Mercy are split between OP suggestions and UP suggestions then is it possible that something is wrong that brings these two sides togethr.

He could very well use this as an oppurtunity to finally get rid of rez and it’d be fine honestly as long as the characcter dosen’t get the Symmetra treatment I doubt anyone would kick up a fuss over rez for more then a few weaeks.

Address their perceived issues, as insane as they may be, with Mercy while satisfying the vast majority of the current/former Mercy players.

Remove mass-Resurrect or Resurrect entirely if they have to, but keep the promises they made in the developer update introducing the rework in the first place. The promises of something worthy of replacing mass-Resurrect, of a fun and engaging playstyle.

When they see Mercy’s pickrate rise again near its former numbers in Quickplay, and when the forums complaints wither away, is when they can consider the rework successful.

They aren’t anywhere near that at this time. The complaints are only gaining in strength as the issues fester for longer and longer.

And yet, Blizzard has proven to us that they will do exactly this; they did that to justify a rework in the first place.

As for how important the perception of fun is in a videogame…


Well, now I have some closure.

In my honest opinion, if they cared about balance instead of fun, why didn’t they remove resurrect the moment it became too overwhelming? The fun factor could still be there with it tweaked to pre-invun state…but ahh…

What’s done is done. My mind is at ease.

Time to maybe play Ashe or Ana…but until then you’ll find me lurking around here and in space killing things with a sniper rifle.

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He’s not addressing the right problem, Mercy is doomed and they know it. The only solution would be a revert with tweaks, or a complete rework. We don’t want our hero to be OP, just fun again.


While I agree their issues should be addressed, I don’t think giving the majority (however you attempt to decide what that is on the forums when it’s the loud minority with a bunch of smaller loud minorities within itself) are necessarily right, they just happen to agree with each other. Edit/Addition: and are particularly vocal about it. There’s the rest of the playerbase that isn’t taken into consideration with a lot of repetitive voices on the forums that creates this weird appearance of how the forums’ voices come across.

What that is is largely up to speculation, but I agree that it should be considered. I personally don’t think rez is healthy for the game, as I put immense value of being alive ahead of having abilities, so having the ability to rez in the game is problematic to balance around in itself. As for fun… I didn’t find it to be fun honestly, but that’s obviously a matter of opinion.

With how popular Mercy is, and how varied opinions are, can you actually expect the complaints to ever wither away? I think that’s a slightly unreasonable albeit optimistic expectation. Mercy is so polarising I don’t think that would ever truly happen.

I don’t recall “fun” being the reason for the rework? From my foggy memory, it was because they disagreed with the concept of hide and rez - a real but also not widely used tactic in the pro/high ladder scene that was problematic for the game, as Blizzard argued it.

I also agree that fun is an important aspect of the game, but I don’t think it should take higher priority. In an ideal world, both should co-exist, but I reiterate my point that if Blizzard’s going to push this game for a competitive scene, then balance needs to be taken as the higher priority of the two. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t think “fun” doesn’t matter at all, so I want to clarify that just in case it wasn’t conveyed properly.

Blizzard have put themselves in an awkward situation of trying to appeal to everybody: a casual experience initially, but then created a competitive scene where you can’t realistically please everyone.

In regards to the upcoming buff, Jeff does have a point.

It’s easy to write off a bullet in the patch notes and just say “oh, that won’t be enough”, but sometimes the devs actually do know what they’re doing. Have to remember, they spend a lot of times going over these changes before we even hear about them, and they have a lot of experience in doing so.

So for all the people who are claiming that Mercy’s buff won’t fix anything (strength wise, fun is a separate argument that I don’t feel like getting into), just wait it out and actually see what happens before making the call.

I just been sitting back and relaxing the past 3 years. None of my mains are having as much trouble as mercy, rein, and some others are. Sorry for those who are though.

Her playstyle never really changed outside of mass Rez being removed. If she’s not fun now, then she was never fun, she just had the most overpowered ability in the game.


Actually it has a bit.

She no longer has that passive “I need to stay alive” playstyle since she really doesn’t have an impact ult.

She excels at being played more aggressively than before and using her mobility to her advantage.

A lot of high ranking Mercy Main have been saying that the best use of Valk is to go after snipers, or even dive the back line to harass the supports.

So…in a way, yes her playstyle has changed

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I want to see that “sufficient evidence”, please. I have yet to read a single comment of a Mercy main claiming that they want Mercy to be “the best hero” in Overwatch.

So … About that “smug grin”. Grin all you want … It just makes you look like … a fool in my eyes (to put it nicely). Oh. And Jeff, too. If he actually happens to be grinning while thinking about the fact that a part of the Overwatch community is unhappy.

Never liked people kicking those who are already down.

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2 insta rez mercy was the most OP hero the game has ever seen

your right, they are on the forums…theyre just ignoring the players

A hero with all of his abilities being stuns/movement impairments called, he wants to have a word with you.

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not even close////////////

Alright buddy, keep doing you.

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The change in question is on the PTR and has been for a fair amount of time. I’ve spent 15 + hrs on the PTR since the latest one dropped.

The time in Valk is somewhat noticeably increased due to the reduced ult cost. I didn’t really notice any significant change in the healing during ult and to be perfectly honest I use damage boost for part of the ult so the impact with the possible exception of vs Winston would be minimal. Mercy did have the occasional impressive match but, the current one can occasionally do good too.

I would not anticipate seeing much of a change.