Update - Delayed Twitch Drops Beta Access (27 APRIL)

Hiya folks,

(reposting this from the primary troubleshooting thread)

As an update, we have finished investigating reports for players who have claimed their Beta drop but not yet received access to the Beta:

  • Many of these players have not yet actually linked their Battle.Net account to their Twitch account and must do that first - Linking Your Twitch or Youtube Account - Blizzard Support has instructions
  • For those players who have linked their accounts already, we expect to complete processing license grants in the next hour. Thank you for your patience.

I’ll be here monitoring this thread over the next several hours to make sure folks get in

Again, our sincere apologies and we appreciate the entire 5 hour gang. When you do gain access, we hope you have a great time in game.


I thought Blizzard was screwing me over again


I still don’t have access and all my stuff is linked. It’s been 5 hours.


i still dont have it after 5 hours, is there anything else i might be doing something wrong


My twitch and battle net account were connected to each other before the stream and i claimed the beta 5 hours ago and still havent gotten it


Hey mine seems to be linked just fine and I’ve been waiting for 5 hours any chance you can check mine?


Oh god i hope Andy six hour gang will stay strong


I also have had no luck getting access after 5 hours.


5 hour gang… god bless

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Been waiting patiently for 5 hours, my other friends have gotten in that finished the drop 2 hours after I did.


Everything linked, still no access here. Hope it shows up.


Thanks for the update andy. Im almost in the 6 hour gang over here. Please get me in this game looks so good and the sounds are so clean, im too hyped for this lol.

:frowning: 5+ hour gang. everything linked. support ticket sent. nothing. thanks for post… hope i get it within the hour.

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Hey! I’ve been waiting for 5 hours after restarting my pc, clearing my cache, restarting b-net, and checking my connections and have had no luck. Any idea if there’s anything I can do?

Thank you for still posting updates Andy. I know my job couldn’t get me to work this late lol

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Same boat. Cleared cache, tried beta Bnet, restarted computer, nada. All connected, still nothing, closing in on 6 hours now. All friends are playing. Unfortunate letdown.

I’ve had my twitch account connected to my bnet account and my bnet account connected to my twitch profile, claimed the drop over 5 hours ago and I still dont have beta access. I tried all the troubleshooting steps still nothing.

Hey Ive been waiting for 5 hrs as well. I put in a support ticket a few hours ago and haven’t heard anything back yet(assuming due to overload).

I have everything linked and claimed the drop on Twitch but haven’t received the beta. Can someone please reach out to assist with this? Much appreciated!