Update about the 10/21/2021 Experimental Card

Ranged skill shots directly hitting were nerfed by the fall-off change.


I don’t see you denying this?!


Any employee who intentionally puts on the riot gear and braves the Overwatch Forums needs an automatic pay raise.


He’s not voicing his own concerns on any of it, so don’t do that. This is a summary of the community feedback


I know. I was just playing. The feedback is of course very appreciated.

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Do I need to?

I believe that most players are rational when you get them in a 1:1 conversation and don’t really believe that game developers for a franchise like Overwatch would actually play favorites.

Balance changes over time can influence that perception, and to some players be demonstrable proof, however I think that we all (deep down) understand that balance and design requires a holistic view of the game that takes the bigger picture into account.


Glad to see you guys appreciate and are taking into account the constructive criticism occasionally given on here. I only wish the forums were better at consistently doing that instead of acting irrationally & complaining without giving you guys an idea of what exactly is wrong. It’s no surprise you guys don’t post here all too often, but hopefully it’ll get better over time!

The forums need more of this reality checking. As someone who frequents these forums quite a lot, you would be surprised how many people actually think the dev team “hates tanks” or “tanks won’t exist in OW2”. It’s pretty sad tbh. As someone who plays tank quite a lot, I know neither of those quotations are anywhere close to true.

Some of us are here in good faith. Cheers Andy, thanks for the update.


You’re forgetting that they ALSO gave him a new falloff range, so that it doesn’t matter if you land your direct shot, the mine traveled in an arc and went more than 15m away from you, so now instead of doing 80 damage it does 20. Someone on youtube did a video showing how you can be basically right in front of a tracer and if you ricochet the mine you won’t kill her, because the distance is by how far the mine has traveled, not by how far it is from Junkrat.

He got a massive nerf to ALL ranged damage, even if you land shots - this means anyone with skill who practiced landing shots at range or midair just got screwed out of any actual damage ability with those skills they practiced.


This is fantastic. Thanks for the update!

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Excellent post.

Come on bro - you are better than this.

While I get where you are coming from:
A) Doom is not consistent
B) Cassidy has flash, if he lands this before Doom lands an ability, Doom dies.

I obviously have my bias but at the moment, I believe that the match up is skill dependent and these changes would make it impossible to kill Cassidy.


I think this is a big one. I’m glad to see it written out. If we had more well-defined goals and intentions of different balance changes that would clear up a lot of confusion. For example, I’m sure many of us upon seeing the ExC wondered… “why”? What was the overall goal of these changes versus, say, toning down some of the overtuned heroes.


Junkrat Mains are against the Dmg Falloff.
They don’t want 150 Dmg when given falloff. I don’t blame them from what I’ve seen.


While we rarely will quote comments that include hyperbole or obvious emotional investment, we do like to make sure that we are conveying both sentiment and emotion, albeit in a more unbiased way.


Stun and right-click have nothing to do either with the ball or doom. Rightclick is good against unaware squishy targets and awareness is an issue for plat players and somewhere around that elo. Cree matchup vs doom is completely based on how consistent cree player can be doing double taps vs doom. And Cree’s avg crit ACC. in GM is around 9-12%. Now, look at doom who has an easy time locking on ccd cree flying animation with his small spread primary cannons. With doom, you do 66 damage per 0.33 sec which is 3 shots per sec which is almost 200 hp just spamming in general direction + hs possibility. Doom’s spread is nothing compared to the Cree’s right-click, also you will be hit with an uppercut before that.
To beat the ball as Cree you need to do right-click roll stun right-click, high noon-cancel-right click, count to 15, and here we go again.
Both ball and doom also have a good amount of mechanical skill to play the game, but those mechanics are just completely screwed the shooter aspect of this game. They are both just do not fit the ow universe, that is why they are called “broken” characters. And now the Ball is the best tank in this game. Doom is not dominating just because there are multiple cc characters such as cree+brig + other forms of cc coming from DS comps (orisa+sig) who are able to stop him. Guess what gonna happen in OW2?
Rolling in the air is a must-have against that. Or fix those two characters damage output+cc+self sustain and mobility. But yet we will nerf widow, cause you know, there is such a difference to be one-shotted by a widow across the map and doom who just flyes across the map with the same capabilities, same as ball.

They added damage falloff to direct hits. The value you got for aiming long range was significantly lower than just two/three tapping literally any hero up close.


I’m a Junkrat main and I don’t even want the 150 dmg. I think Junkrat currently is as strong as he needs to be, but that’s just me.


He’s just stating the feedback he’s gathered from the forums and will pass along to the dev team. He’s no confirming or denying any of it.

I am partially to blame I guess. I thought some of the balance changes were thought out for OW2 and just thrown into the mix for feedback. My patience for OW2 news and stuff to hear is just running dry at this point and now it feels like we are back in the dark regarding OW2 with the recent blizcon news.

devs w
thanks for the communication

I mean, it wouldn’t be the worst thing that could happen. Prioritising the heroes which meet the goals of the designers while sidelining those that don’t doesn’t seem all that silly to me. It’s basically a soft retirement of problematic heroes.

That’s not an attack or anything. Promoting things that are good over things that are less good is just the way things should go.

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