[Update: 7:30pm PDT] PlayStation 4 Maintenance - June 12, 2018

(Tom Powers) #1

Hey everyone,

We will bring down Overwatch for PlayStation 4 during a scheduled maintenance on June 12 at 11 am PDT (18:00 UTC). We expect this maintenance to be relatively short and for the game to be available again at approximately 11:30 am PDT (18:30 UTC).

This maintenance will require a server shutdown which will remove players from the game, including any active matches. To prevent issues due to the maintenance, we will disable Competitive Play and other competitive modes an hour beforehand at 10 am PDT (17:00 UTC) time.

All leaderboards will also be disabled at this time.

Please note that players you have flagged with the Avoid as Teammate feature may become unflagged and the Recent Players list may be reset as well.

For status updates, please follow @BlizzardCS on Twitter.

Competitive play currently unavailable
Competitive play unavailable on PS4
(Tom Powers) #2

(Tom Powers) #3


Hi everyone,

After our server maintenance earlier today, we experienced several server crashes and are working toward a fix. Due to the disruption, we are extending the duration of the Anniversary and Double Experience events until 11 am PDT (PlayStation 4 only). Purchasing Loot Boxes will be disabled during this time, but Loot Boxes can still be earned in game.