Upcoming Baptiste Amplification Matrix Changes

Thank you to anybody at Blizz who was in favor of making Bap good again!


THANK YOU. I got on the game to check if the matrix change went through, went to the practice range instead of patch notes to add a bit of suspense, played the eichenwalde/story so far theme while charging my ultimate as Baptiste, closed my eyes, hit Q and clicked once the epic part of the song comes up, smiled , opened my eyes…

And the smile was wiped away. BUT has returned now that I’ve seen this.

One problem I had with it in the experimental card was that it looked like half of it was in the ground, I hope this new art polish fixes that.

Thank you so much for helping baptiste. He really needed these changes.


Bap and brig do not need buffs just because they are not meta still no revert on shatter nerf though

Will the height be adjusted - even partially - before the update comes live?

They were both objectively bad, so yes they did need some love.


That’s what’s nice about these recent changes:

If the Brig buff turns out to be not enough, they’ll tone it up a little bit more each time.

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“later date”, a commonly used phrase, can be very concerning, It’s taken blizzard MONTHS to push out changes before.


Undo the nerf to Widowmaker’s HP, please! 250 HP to her is fair enough!
Reduce the cooldown of Grappling Hook to 10 s.
Reduce the cooldown of Venom Mine to 8 s, or/and increase its damage to 100 HP maximum and its radius in 50%.

I, also, desire a pony.


Great changes! Really like the direction this patch is going, however I hope that the increase in health does not prompt an increase in damage

guys what did you think when you did this patch?
like seriously nerfing widow when she is still unplayable, buffing mei when she is always annoy
I dont get it :frowning:


Garage door. We can’t call it window anymore, kind of a misnomer.

I just realized calling it Amp might be confused for lamp.

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So uuuh… Buff doomfist?

.2 recovery time on uppercut?


oh crap bap ulted! guess i’ll walk around it’s LoS

That’s extra T H I C C

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Which rank are you in…?

thats the exact opposite of what brig has ever needed

Just in time for Christmas :slight_smile:

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