Upcoming Balance Changes for Support Heroes


They just don’t want to get back on the rework rollercoaster.

Also they’ve been poking and prodding Rez and Valk for nearly a year. Maybe it’s time to do something else.


So you a acknowledge all that, yet won’t lessen a single one of her weaknesses.

Don’t get me wrong, a nano buff that heals the target is a very nice change but it won’t help Ana stay alive at all. It’ll only make her ult less wastable.

She needs these qol buffs on top of a passive healing ability.

Nano target range should be 200m

Grenade should go through full hp team mates and cannot hit a team member unless it is outside of her hitbox (prevent grenade ghosting)

Healing scoped shots should not have a tracer. It puts her at high risk for doing her job and forces her to lose her sniper position that she took the stairs for.

Options to turn on or off shots/grenade going through full hp

Friendly Tanks (minus zarya and baby Dva) should have smaller hit box buffs. Also a percentage slider for tanks and the rest of the cast (current being max)

Her unscoped bullet size should be addressed. It is the smallest projectile in the game (almost hitscan) yet Bliz wouldn’t even acknowledge it.


I like it. It makes the “burst healing” more valuable while nerfing Mercy but maintaining her purpose.


you have seriously got to be kidding me… Mercy is getting another nerf!!! because “shes being used over all the other support heros.” then re work her abilities! She legitimately has been nerfed so many time she really is not fun to play with anymore imo and alot of others.


Sooo, even more pressure on Mercy mains fulfilling the primary healing role, especially when the 2nd support picks someone with low output like zen or brig. Nerfing mercy’s healing is a step in the wrong direction. (400+ hours mercy main)


Thank you for the Lucio and Ana buffs!

Although, I’m amazed that you didn’t also buff Lucio’s cast time, since pulling off Sound Barrier with all the stuns, knock back, one shots is really hard right now. Also the shields decaying at the same rate despite being 250 more shields could be concerning, as the decay + high burst damage in the game already makes sound barrier not worth having most of the time. I’ll wait till the PTR goes live but keep that in mind.


Nerfing mercy is a step in the good direction but not this nerf for sure


Blizzard can’t just do something else, leaving Mercy in an overpowered, broken state. It’s unfair for players.


They could just grant Lucio Soundwave shield to himself while he’s in the air, and then to teammates after he lands.


agreed upon but at this point i dont even know what is happening, i mean she has been broken for more than half a year now and Blizzard is obviously doing nothing about it.


How can they miss the point THIS BADLY when it comes to Mercy? She’ll still be a must pick because Rez is on a cooldown. That ability will NEVER be balanced as long as it’s on a cooldown! Resurrect MUST become Mercy’s ult again.

10 nerfs to a “successful” rework, while continuing to ignore feedback in the garbage dump Mercy Megathread, is not only a slap to the face, it’s also kicking us in the gut then spitting on us. I’m so tired of these obtuse nerfs Mercy has gotten ever since her rework!


It’s effectively a 15-17% charge rate nerf for Valkyrie. Possibly more if the lack of healing results in teammates dying that she could’ve otherwise topped off.


Thanks for the information on upcoming support changes. They all look very interesting and could shift things around a bit.

If you have a moment, would you and team mind taking a look at Lucio’s Soundwave ability? Since the air movement changes earlier this year, it has become noticeably more difficult to secure environmental kills. Targets can often steer themselves to safety now.




I don’t know how Ana’s buff is meaningful at all. Her ultimate will still be worse than the alternatives.

Why are you so afraid of putting any sort of speed back on Nano, even if it’s very small?

Mercy changes look like you don’t know what exactly makes Mercy so strong.


Awesome changes Guys!!!


Going to be blatantly honest, this won’t make Lucio better at all. Not ultimate is the main problem with his kit and it won’t be any better after this. AoE increase could be a bit more, but that needs to be tested.
Ultimate, however, still won’t be good. The amount of shields he gives was never the issue. The fact that it destroys itself so heavily, you can lose it mid cast (high risk, low reward), and that it has a cast time are all of its issues.

EDIT: Also it needs to be addressed that his speed boost isn’t a good ability anymore. Reverting it back to the 100% or making his AoE bigger would be the best options IMO.

On the other heroes:
Ana will still be bad
Mercy’s change isn’t good imo, dmg boost is what needs to be looked at.
Moira’s is good
Brig is favorable


Valkyrie is already one of the least impactful ultimate in the game so in correlation with you’re theory, the nerf was unnecessary.

They should’ve done something about her Resurrect as that is where most of the problems with Mercy are.


I love all of this except for the Moira buff. Although she definitely needed one and this does help her be more consistent which is big for her role, I don’t like that this makes her easier. I never had trouble managing Moira’s meter, I couldn’t find a way that Moira outshined Mercy. With that being said, the Mercy nerf does make burst healing more valuable too, which is a welcome change. Either way, thanks for the heads up and these balance changes are looking very sexy.
P.S. a comment on the Junkers’ balance would be very much appreciated, Junkrat especially looks like he got nerfed into the time out corner without any plans to lift him back up.


It’s an amazing change. Overall support main here with 250 scrim hours of zen, 100 scrim hours on lucio, and 100 scrim on mercy as well as 100 playtime hours of ana. Mercy should not have that high of a healing output while maintaining the highest mobility of all the supports as well as self sustain, not even mentioning the ability to resurrect. I think this will be a good change because she does not need to aim to output healing (compared to ana) and having no healing resource (compared to moira). She will still be a very viable pick, especially with dive comp with her high mobility and consistent healing ability to protect her flex supports such as zen. Also she can still heal though shields which is huge compared to ana and moira.