Unusual FPS Drop

When I started playing overwatch, my frames started out at around 60? (Granted that they were capped at 60). Just 2 weeks ago I noticed a crazy drop, in which my frames dipped down to around 12, 8, 16, etc. I have a 1060, a Ryzen 7, and 24 gb of ram. I have tried everything, like disabling hpet, resetting my graphic settings, changing the performance rate of my graphics card, yet still nothing works. I tried a fresh start, but I ran into an issue. I have checked my computer for malware with malwarebytes, and I have also ran CCleaner, but still nothing. If anyone has any idea to fix it, plz let me know.

Are you using any Razer devices?

Yes, I have a cynosa chroma and a razer deathadder elite

Heya CNXCove,

Be sure to enable Chroma for Overwatch, I’ve seen that fix it for a few folks. Though for many a full Uninstall of all Razer Products is required. If this happens please contact Razer to report the issue and leave the software removed until the problem is resolved.

Hope this helps!