Unsurprisingly Earth Shatter


Is still kinda broken, but I mean, that’s not very surprising. I’ve had several games where Earth Shatter would just up and ignore immovable objects in favor of dropping me to the floor.

I’ve gone completely around corners and still gotten stunned by ES because the cracks went through the wall. I’ve gotten shattered while behind boxes, literally putting a map bound object that is ON the ground that can’t be destroyed, between me and the ES, but I still go down.

I mean, I figure Earth Shatter is so hard to fix because it’s target trajectory is probably attached to the mesh that makes up the physical form of what we can walk on. So telling it that it can go here but not there might be problematic if it shares any coding with say the walls or map bound objects. (I’m not a certified game developer, but I took a class on game development in my senior year in highschool. We made our own little testing game (it was just an ice breaker game with a candy theme) and later we developed models and talked a bit about coding and what not).