Unpredictable fall of fps

in the last patch my game has fps drops of 60 to 20 fps no matter if the game is in ultra or in low, same problem 2 seconds of frozen screen and returns to 60 fps
intel core I5

Are you using any Razer devices? Known Technical Support Issues - Updated Oct 13, 2021 - #16 by Drakuloth

Just wondering. But does Razer only cause that problem in comp? I have never played comp before until today and I am only experiencing FPS stuttering in comp.

There’s two problems relating to Chroma and neither are related to a specific game mode. The first is the black screen and crash on launch. The second is fairly new where FPS will drop to around 10-20 FPS while playing an actual match but will be normal in menus and the kill screen.

i have the 2nd problem . how i solve it?

The fix for that has been to enable the Overwatch Chroma profile in Synapse or uninstall Synapse altogether. More information on our investigation is at this thread.