Unpopular Opinion - Widowmaker has no place in this game


For me it’s the teamwork aspect. In general, the independent nature of DPS makes it more appealing than tanks or supports which is often why it leave DPS as the odd man out. DPS aren’t reliant on their tanks or healers so their view of balance, gameplay, and frustrations are disproportionate to their Tank/healer counterparts.
Widow and tracer imo are the truest forms of this where A good widow is frustrated by A shield or a tracer by cc and they find these aspects unfun because it forces them to be more reliant on their teammates. The thing is, cc and shields are limited resources unlike bullets which in this game is infinite. So the second that shield is down or off, the cc is on cooldown, you can resume your independent play.

Which is why I definitely agree. I think until the DPS power is mitigated somehow to make them more team reliant, highly independent dps heroes like widow and tracer will just seem out of place.


And here I thought this will be a whine about how Widow is bad. Seriously, she’s easily countered, what the problem?

UPD: She is already very reliant on her team. In order to be effective widowmaker needs a range, a breathing room and freedom from constantly being harassed by mobile heroes.


I think a large problem with her is that she impacts games in two really big ways.

Either she’s played by someone who’s not very good with her so it’s 5 v 6 situation or she’s played by someone who’s immensely good to the point where they can effectively team wipe by themselves.

Either way, the only person having fun with her is whoever plays her.


If you are not in a bad position Widow can’t get a free one shot on you. You have to actually think when you play against a good Widow. Just like every other hero in the game. She isn’t special or OP, you just don’t know how to position.


Technically she might rely on her team, but she relies on her team AND contributes to it the least of every character. I can play widow all day with the worst team who dies every fight and still have a ‘widow experience’. But play a tank or flank with no support, or a support with no tanks and it’s obvious that Widow is basically just a pve experience. Congratz on the good aim and all, but they’re not really playing Overwatch.


Popular opinion: almost everyone who play this game have at least one hero who dont belong in this game for them.

Less popular opinion: This game is made from this heroes. Everyone have place in it they are part of it. By removing them, you just make game have less options, so basicialy downgrade.

And i say it as a doomfist hater.


Best part about widow is winning games while not hitting shots, especially not headshots. Because widow is that threathening and deals so much damage from so far away she can only be countered by another widow. Dive doesn’t work.

If I play sightlines and don’t duel out with the enemy widow, but I can just grind out the HP of every other enemy on the team such as their tanks, I win. And they cannot proceed as long as they are in my sightlines in fear of death. And the enemy widow cannot take me out if I don’t expose myself to them and purposefully avoid dueling the better widows who are far better shots than I am. My accuracy is truly and utterly abysmal. Yet I can win.

If I have high ground such as hollywood after first point, they are forced to dive me and I can simply drop down, get heals and dismantle them. It’s ridiculously easy. I can play widow like spam damage. I can play her far efficient zone controller than symmetra, since I’m practically never at risk. And it 100% forces enemy team to counter me.

If I don’t play widow, I can just stand behind a good widow damageboosting them and they will get me kills and I might as well yawn because I don’t need to do anything else to win. I don’t even need to heal the team and if they get ultid, I just ulti back and delay long enough so our widow can snap their heads off and make their ulti spam useless.

Widow is extremely vexxing to fight against, she truly is. And the better the widow, the worse it gets.

Fact is you have to use multiple, completely open Widow sightlines to get past multiple choke points in this game and there are zero way to bypass them. Such as gibraltar attack after getting first point, there is nothing but 4 different doorways that widow can watch at all times. And even if you position outside of widow sightline, she can simply reposition, there’s plenty of maps in this game not named King’s row that are very vastly open.


counter her, then?..


I’m fine with Widow. Every shooter game has had a sniper since day 1 of FPS.

Just make it much much harder to headshot heroes like Winston. The fact that a great Widow can snip Winston twice before he’s able to jump on her and kill him is pretty bad.

I say make her charge-up take twice as long after initial scope. Slightly increase her scoped charge up rate.


distract her with sombra then dive her once she is distracte… that will ruin her day…

then just rinse and repeats until she switches over to something else or quits the game in a sulk problem solved!


This community never knows what it wants… They want it to be more like an FPS, but also want the snipers’ abilities to one shot removed because it’s “OP”… Like, what?


Jeff “what the heck do you guys want”

Community “that’s outrageous Jeff!!!”


This basically echoes what the pros were saying about her back during Dive–ultimately, Widow determined the outcome of the match (kinda like Zarya does now in pro games). I think for most of the game, she’s okay, but she is very, very strong at the top end, and isn’t even doing too bad in OWL despite all the GOATS. If it were possible to nerf her high-end performance without destroying her on ladder, I’d say they should do it. It’s possible that the recent PTR changes to her are an effort to do so.


Most of you are talking about different phases of Widowmaker. There is the beginning phase (which the OP pointed out) where you don’t know where she is or that she has been chosen. This is where being triggered barely before the match begins occurs since Widow one shots a couple heroes within seconds.

Second phase is the struggle to get to (or defend) the objective; having to dodge bullets you aren’t normally aware of since Widow shoots then re-positions to reduce aggro. Players that should be focusing on their “hit list” end up centering most of their attention on Widow. This second phase last most of the match until you get near the end.

Note: Player’s tend to not like baby sitting Widowmaker. Taking her out once isn’t enough, you have to consistently achieve this until she is not apart of the enemy composition. And of course, you’ll need to overcome the challenge of surviving her or you’ll be rendered a liability for the team. After all, while you’re chasing Widowmaker other players may have to perform your other responsibilities that you would normally be doing if you weren’t.

Third phase is similar to the first but your team is almost close to winning an objective or losing match so emotions are high.


So… you know… counter her then.


And when she’s playing on offense? It won’t work nowhere near as well, since their team controls the territory and Widow will have her ultimate everytime they engage to protect herself from a Sombra.


Widow can also hold one sightline. It’s up to her team to manage them for her. If the enemy team is managing them for her better than your team is managing to stop them then you are just a worse team.


this post is so funny, in a sad way


her ult is a fair counter to sombra you got me there… but then dont feed her X3 and dont walk into her mine thingy

Also soon you can throw baptist at her too


Poke as Widow is easier than any other character in the game and her ultimate has a relatively low charge rate so just shoot at tanks and take potshots on heroes to get it really quickly. There’s also the game start which gives her a lot of free ultimate charge since no one knows there’s a Widow, more so on maps like Dorado and Anubis. Her mine is worthless and no one walks into it, there’s zero skill floor and ceiling with the thing and no good Widow needs it to survive. It doesn’t affect Sombra anyway. How is Baptiste a counter? If anything she counters him because of his terrible 20m damage falloff.