Unpopular opinion: Punish leavers

That twitter post is almost a year old. They have since updated their reporting system and criteria a few times. Find me something recent, a dev explicitly saying “Leaving the game at 30 seconds and forcing someone to backfill into a losing game is not gameplay sabotage.”

Until then, I’m going to report every person who leaves at the 30 second mark and forces someone to backfill into a game that’s lost. It sucks when it happens to me, and when it happens to everyone else. It’s disruption of the person who backfill’s gameplay.

The system is garbage, and no one gets punished for it.

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I really hope this thread doesn’t get filled with people who have innocent examples of why they leave their games. Please read what I originally posted. None of my examples of punishment would really hinder somebody who occasionally has to drop out of a game for something important.

But it’s painfully obvious that people habitually leave their games all the time, to save time, to get out of a loss, because they didn’t get genji… etc.

THOSE people need to be punished for leaving all the time. The fact that blizzard waits until they’ve left over 50% of 20 games (or more… who knows) isn’t acceptible to me. Yes, it’s just QuickPlay… but the word “play” is still in there. You don’t have to do stellar, or form a cohesive team, or talk, or kill anybody… but you do have to PLAY.

I quit every single game i backfilled in. In any mode that allows backfilling.

I’m not Blizzard maneuver tool to fix their horrible matchmaking that allows games so unfun and one-sided that make people want to quit, i can’t blame then for want to quit either.

They never came out and said “Leaving is allowed” but sure. I sent a tweet to playoverwatch, will link it if they respond.

Until then, enjoy a bunch of tweets that all say the same thing, over and over again, until you hopefully get the message.

They didn’t stop punishing leavers, so why would they start letting you report them?

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I am super in favor of something like this. It doesn’t even need to be a “punishment” that could lead to a suspension; it’s just a cool down timer for reentering the queue.

Just making it more convenient to finish a game than to quit early would be welcome.

Actually, this is already the case.


Welp, Your Hired!! Brilliant idea.

Sure; but I’m talking more about the people who leave before the game is over, leaving early enough that another unfortunate soul can be thrown in to backfill during a last-gasp defense.

So if a game would have taken 60 seconds to lose, you can stick those 60 seconds out and leave after the “Defeat” screen (which will not artificially lengthen or speed up you queue time, just like it does now). But with a queue cooldown, if you leave the game before it’s actually been lost, you have to wait, say, 5 minutes before you can queue for a new one.

I’m less concerned about people trying to shave seconds off of a requeue (which already doesn’t work) than people who quit QP/Arcade games as soon as they think their team will lose.

Same thing, I think.

I don’t think you get queued until your previous match ends completely.

I can’t confirm that though, and I wouldn’t be against adding it if it was not already the case.

Oh god. Don’t over police qp. That’s supposed to be casual. Leave the headaches at comp.

Because it’s QUICK PLAY. If you want to play a game where people are planning on playing to win, likely communicating and not playing 5-6 DPS then play Competitive.

I get possibly making the reward for finishing a QP match higher to incentivize people to stay the whole thing, but punishing people for leaving games in a casual format is too much.

Hmm, from what I understand that post to be saying, it’s just about skipping the end-game stuff (which takes a set amount of time and doesn’t require tracking the previous match). I don’t think it applies to bailing on a match after losing Point A.

But, I’ve also never tested it since I don’t leave games on purpose ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Either way, I’d like to see a (gentle) additional timer implemented so that staying in a losing game saves you time, rather than breaking even, with leaving one.

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Completely disagree.

I’ve played enough overwatch to beale to read the tea leaves and determine having no tank or healer isn’t likely to result in a satisfying match.

I have almost no control over the people I play with and I have no influence on their hero picks. The least I should be able to do is save my time from a trash game and leave.

Just like your not obligated to pick a hero that will help your current team, your team shouldn’t be obligated to have to stay in the dumbster fire of a match.

If I leave to many games I already get a exp penilty. That’s a fair price to pay to keep my sanity.


You know, some people simply play qp… it’s not “inferior” to comp so it’s not “okay”. You might feel that way if you emphasize comp, but that’s only your opinion. It’s very aggravating and inconsiderate to have some moron leave 60 seconds before a match is complete leaving the team down a man and virtually guaranteeing no way to win. It doesn’t happen too often, but I love it when we then turn it around and win and the quitter wasn’t part of it.

I’m honestly not concerned with folks that leave a QP match with plenty of time left on the clock. Backfill exists in QP, and often times the player backfilling is a greater benefit to the team than the one who ragequit. I can’t even count the number of times in a QP match where we were being rolled, one person quits, turns out that person was largely part of WHY we were being rolled, then the match gets backfilled and the tides turn. I’m fine with it.


They get punished with a suspension and -50 SR in comp. They can’t punish leavers too hard though because some people get tagged a leaver for DCing.

Which is why I like the “just a timer” concept for QP; there’s no need to rain the wrath of the banhammer on someone with a poor internet connection. Someone who got disconnected, or the cat unplugged the PC, or the baby started crying, or whatever, likely wouldn’t be back up and running much before 5 minutes anyway. Hopefully something like that would only affect the charmers who quit as soon as they decide that the game is unwinnable, and would rather let some other sap lose in their place.

Fair point. I guess I’ve been mostly approaching it from the perspective of a person who sometimes gets backfilled into multiple last-minute losing games in a row. I don’t get too salty when it happens (oh well, doesn’t affect my record and I get free XP), but sometimes it gets to the point to where I’d love to actually get to see the beginning of a match sometime. XD

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Again, my other suggestion is that the players who stay in the games are simply rewarded with bonuses. 300 xp is not a bonus blizzard, I just want to make that clear. 300 xp is almost insulting.

Also, for the people saying “I shouldn’t be forced to stay in this terrible game with these terrible players”… while I sympathize with getting those types of teammates, that’s simply going to happen in QP. We all know that. Your next game could be even worse, so leaving doesn’t do much for you. Those players will also never get better at the game if everybody constantly leaves their games… or maybe they pick troll picks because they’re sick of everyone leaving…

It’s just a vicious cycle, and anybody trying to stand up for purposely leaving a game in progress is in the wrong, IMO.

leavers dont seem to understand if you bale before the first win/lose and card screen you get nothing. no xp no points nothing. and to add to it. it does not make you get to the next match faster. you still have to wait the time out from your last match. or so i have been told.

iv also read a post somewhere by jeff or one of the other staff stating that leaving before the timer runs out on comp does not speed up geting into another game faster either.

the system that is in place still counts down that timer from the match you just left in comp before it runs out. silently in the background. so to the people in comp that bale before voteing on someones card. your not realy moveing along your games faster,

anyway on point.

leavers do need to be punished harder. in the since that it is abandonment of your team. if you play a whole match with your team and right at the end deside " oh im going to jump on the next que by leaveing " your not helping your team by leaveing when your team still needs you for that final 2-3 mins of match.

i personaly beleave that if you are put into any type of match you need to finish it and you need to be punished for not. the whole " oh its just quick play " thing dont role with me. i get that alot of people like to mess around and be stupid in quick play but this is a game. a team based game. and alot of not large portion of the people that play this game. are not here to caiter to the stupid people who want to abandon matches. drop out of games. or troll or even throw. they are here to be competative and play the game as intended. not have to babysit.

if you want to mess around or be stupid in this game. go do it in a custom lobby with your friends.

Some people don’t care about exp.