Unpopular Opinion: Mercy Is Fine

The title says it all. She is in her the most balanced state ever. She is not a must pick support which makes picking heroes fair for everyone. I also enjoy playing with her. She is a situational hero like others should be. Thanks Blizzard and keep this up!


She’s boring though- well… :smirk:
More boring.


There’s a reason why this is a unpopular opinion


Well they didn’t change her kit. She has a staff same as before and you left click to heal your friends. If this doesn’t fun for you, don’t play Mercy because I am having fun.

Pre-rework Mercy 1.x was better then the current Mercy and not a must pick support either. In fact she was seen as somewhat underpowered then, due to how she lacked an E ability to provide utility or assistance during the fight. As she did not compare to the utility or burst healing Ana could bring, and she did not fit into dive like Zen/Lucio.

But then they went and reworked her because of a behavior that could have been dealt with by giving her an E ability to keep her in the fight, and by tweaking mass res. Instead turning her into a must pick and having to do so many nerfs they gave up and sledgehammered her down.

Shes the throw pick of main healers. Ana is now the most picked in Gold …That’s how sad Mercy is


I agree with this thread. Niche isnt inherently a bad thing and shes still very playable in the right situations.

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so was pre-rework torb but that didn’t stop them from changing him.

Ana is most picked support in every single rank right now according to Overbuff stats.

I agree in a way that Mercy 1.x is better but not exactly different than current Mercy.

The problem with the Mercy 1.x was sometimes Mercy players prefer to hide in order not to heal teammates in a middle of a fight, but to make huge res. In competitiv this doesn’t feel good as I agree with Jeff said it before. Also in enemy point of view, they use 3 ults to stop you but a single ability can revert their afford which can be frustrating.

The problem with hiding and not healing was that it made it easier for the enemy team to counter a huge mass res. Your team being down a main healer just means the enemy team does not need to expend any ults. They can just cut through your team that lacks sustain, leading to the huge res being followed up by your entire team dying to 1 or 2 ults.

Which felt really terrible. It was more like the mercy on your team was trolling you then being actually useful.

And if the enemy team did dump a bunch of ults despite Mercy not being in the fight then they deserved to get their ults countered. They were not playing the game properly if they needed a bunch of ults to beat an enemy team that were fighting at a huge disadvantage.

That was only the case because of the sr exploit at the time that incentived that behavior.

which has since then been fixed

save an ult for the inevitable rez because you didn’t kill their main healer.

d.va bomb,high noon,hammond mine field would work spectacularly for that,etc etc.

the point is with some proper balancing of mass rez and proper preparation in that case you missed the enemy mercy and she swoops in and manages to get into distance of her 5 downed teammates, shes outplayed you as you didn’t protect the bodies and or sniped her tiny 200 health pool while flying in.

This thread solves a lot of the issues with mass rez and incentives mercy continued participation in combat even if its just to use the pacify ability presented in this rework idea.

But its very possible to come to a solution that solves the small problem of “hide and rez”

Plus los would kill rezzing behind walls.

Ana is perfect for healing the tanks, but I still prefer Mercy to heal anyone under 250HP because of her brief healing behind cover, full healing trough enemy shield and quick responses with GA.

I mean it is not wise to compare a tank healer with a squishy healer.

Pre rework Torb was way more niche then current Mercy.

But in your own words being niche is fine :man_shrugging:

Right being Niche isnt INHERENTLY a bad thing. In Torbs case he was way to niche to the point where he was limited by map choice, defence mainly, team comp ect.

Torbs overly niche role WAS a bad thing in his case but Mercy isnt anywhere near that level.

Pretty sure on these forums it’s a fairly popular opinion.