Unnecessary Zen Nerf


I just don’t know what to think anymore. Zen has been upheld as the epitome of balance for about as long as Tracer.

And I still say there was always counterplay to orb volley. Sightlines and barriers. It’s not like he was accidentally headshotting people as much as a sniper yet those counterplay are just fine for them.

I hate being forced to rely on teammates to keep me alive or esle I’m just dead the entire game. It’s not fun. Give me control over my own survivability. Make it insanely skill-reliant, I don’t care, just let me have that control. God knows everyone else has that against me.

I also dont think most of the people claiming most of his volley kills are accidental actually play him. The vast majority of mine are intended.


Only if you have a very clueless d.va that flies straight away from you. I unfortunetly never encounter such D.vas they will fly up and over a building to avoid any sort of follow up damage.


I don’t think most volley kills are accidental. But you seriously cannot deny that there aren’t a lot that are.


Pull them into areas where they don’t have a good escape. Strafe around them, bodyblock them, scare them into areas that are harder to escape from.


As I said, while acknowledging that my memory is fallible, I don’t remember there being very many times where I got a crazy random kill that seems like pure luck, and you tend to remember those times of how crazy random they are. A lot of mine were achieved by actually triyig to aim at heads.

I get vastly more random kills with Sym’s alt fire. Like orders of magnitude more.


I swear people don’t even LOOK at the patch notes before they complain.

FIRE! RATE! They didn’t TOUCH the charge rate.


and I admitted that isn’t as bad as I thought but I still don’t think it was justified.


“Accidental” might not be the most accurate wording. It’s morseo firing a volley at a corner that you think someone might walk out of and getting lucky that they do.


I apologize I did not see that. I swear this infinite scrolling on this website is horrendous.


Prediction is a thing. Other heroes can also spam corners and get kills. There’s a crazy amount of randomness in this game. I don’t believe this happens SO MUCH with Zen that it’s so absolutely necessary. Hell I’ve NEVER seen someone complain about it on here when people complain about literally everything.


Your Overwatch is calling it the Jjonak nerf. And it feels that way.


Yes, but you’re either ignorant of the truth or just not playing to Zen’s full potential if you think that every kill on someone rounding a corner was some godlike prediction as opposed to a shot in the dark lucky shot on someone you didn’t know was there. I’m not saying every volley is a lucky shot, I’m just saying they’re a lot more common than you think.


They saw this https://gfycat.com/InbornPointedBlowfish and realized “dang Darth Winston is a Zen god we better nerf Zen”


Well then they have a lot more nerfs like this to get going on for other heroes.


You can hide behind cover the whole time it’s charging. Also you can melee cancel the charge. It’s low risk, high reward. The change just makes it harder to use, and that’s fair.


Two did, my bad.

Ark: Tracer
Mano: Tracer
Meko: Tracer
Kariv: Tracer
Coolmatt: Tracer
Agilities: Junkrat
Numlocked: Zenyatta
Poko: D.Va
Boombox: Sombra
Tviq: Nobody
Silkthread: Mercy
Unkoe: Mercy
Space: Mercy
Cuddles (Valiant Coach): Mercy
Verbo: Mercy- But with PTR changes factored in his response was Tracer.
Joemeister: Mercy- But with PTR changes factored in, Zenyatta.
Jake: Mercy

When looking at this, people can’t honestly say that at the highest level, where Zenyatta truly is sniping people across the map that he needed this nerf more than Tracer did, she almost rivals Mercy in responses (Even counting Verbo as one for Mercy and not Tracer) and this was during the Mercy meta.


You can’t hide from a duel with someone who has insane mobility. You still have to land the shots or it does nothing and flankers are not easy to hit while Zen himself is. You lose all the ammo if you cancel.


Wait, I thought Blizzard only listens to pros when they make balance changes? :thinking:


They don’t only listen to pro players but it does feel like their input means more than everywhere else, if alot of pro players say a hero should be nerfed then they get nerfed, unless of course that hero is Tracer, since not changing Tracer ever is probably somewhere in the contract of all the people working on the balance team.


Tracer and Zen have been considered the epitome of balance for a long time, but now Zen is OP because he can get random kills like everyone else and always could. Idk what’s happening anymore.