Unlike mercy superjump another moira bug got fixed


Her super bounce she can do with G.A.

Think of it like Genji’s ledge dash back in the day except its being defended.


And it’s only being defended because it’s Mercy, to boot


Except it doesnt launch mercy across the map


I mean. Personally I think it adds skill to her (at face value) pretty easy to pick up kit. It’s not game breaking or OP, just another tool Mercy can use should she deem it useful in any scenario. Moira has the slight distance increase if you press spacebar near the end of her fade as well. These movement interactions are just part of their kits.


I meant the moira bug


Are you talking about this bug fix?

Cause if you are, making a thread to complain about Mercy seems a little over the top.


Have you ever thought they are struggling with this problem? I mean, maybe they want to fix it, so we could say this will be a nerf for mercy, but maybe they can’t fix it? Or they don’t know how to do it (this one here is really unlikely) as much as I know I didn’t read anything from them about this.



I’d just like to point out that superjump isn’t the only GA bug, there’s also reverse GA and bunny hopping which I don’t think have been patched out.


Just give it time. It’ll randomly be patched out a year from now just like all the other bugs we thought were intended.


People seem to forget that it was indeed patched out for a brief time on the PTR.

Yes Mercy players complained their Twitter about it being gone-but more importantly with it patched out it messed with the momentum of Bunny-Hop.

If superjump is removed that means Bunny-Hop (a now featured ability) will need to be removed as well.

That’s probably why they haven’t addressed it yet-it’s so intertwined with Bunny-Hop that they’re trying to see if it even can be removed without repercussions.


Bounce then GA to someone. Genji’s ledge dash did nothing at all and people cried for it to be removed just because it was Genji.

Sorry but if one gets removed they all have to 🤷


“They are ‘nerfing’ Moira, not fair, let’s nerf Nerfcy, I mean, Mercy, even more”. :roll_eyes::expressionless:.


it pretty much does, considering Mercy has angelic descent, with enough altitude you can reach the skybox and simply float down a long way out, not to mention that mid flight you can simply GA to someone else to even further your distance travelled


Mercy’s angelic descent while at the skybox puts her out of position and in a predictable pattern. Get a hitscan.


I mean… You forget the fact that Mercy is like… way better than Moira


it’s not really intertwined with bunny hop, superjump IS bunny hop with vertical direction

The real issue is that bunny hop itself is super long, 15m to be exact, that’s why mercy shoots up into the sky, she “jumps” 15m in the air which is a LOT (for comparison, Bap full charged exoboots is 9m)

They can do one of two things:

  1. reduce the impulse given when bunny hopping to 5 - 10m
  2. Remove crouch release action queue and iron out jumping across all heroes, this requires a full on rework on the crouch system (this tech is the responsible for superjump and you can use it also on Winston to hide his footsteps)


The backwards one is typically more harmful than good when it activates accidentally and you’re not going where you want to be going. Bunny hopping was made into an actual feature, so that’s not going anywhere. I don’t know about whether they’ll keep superjump or not, but I hope they do.

Genji could ult from halfway across the map, drop down in the middle of the team with no warning/not much chance to do anything and wipe them. But sure, it did nothing.


She goes straight up…In a meta that favors hitscan/double sniper. It’s honestly not worth it 9 times outta 10 unless in the heat of a team fight and wanting to go up.


That’s just not true and now how things are done.