Unless Mei returns tommrow

I hardly see a reason to sell skins for her. Actually I see no reason selling skins for any hero that is inaccessible.

I can understand Blizz needs more time to fix bugs. Yet they cannot wait to push her skins?

She’s returning on Thursday.


Most game’s Shops have a set schedule planned months in advance. Mei is/was only gone for a couple weeks, in a live service game that’ll be around for years. You’ll be fine. This is hardly the most important issue in the game currently.

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It is definitely odd that they’re selling a skin that you can’t even equip at the moment :joy:

I would figure they could just swap it out with whatever epic skin is coming next week or something, but oh well.

Edit: Actually thinking about it, it’s probably because the shop runs on an internal rotation similarly to the arcade cards etc. And changing that rotation would probably require a patch… which is exactly the kind of thing they apparently can’t do.

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