Unleash the storm in the Kanezaka Challenge!

Unleash the storm in the Kanezaka Challenge!

Conquer the competition on the newest team Deathmatch map, Kanezaka! Plus, earn rich new rewards—including the Kyōgisha Hanzo skin—by winning games and watching Overwatch on Twitch.

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I like ya cut g


this is ok and all but where is overwatch 2


another hanzo buff with hanzo skin, didn’t you guys groom him enough already? I believe I have spent all my money on the church rather than on a private gaming industry.

Fix the game, buff tanks and supports, add more tanks and supports + skins.

Come on, Hanzo isn’t that good.
Maybe Blizz like Hanzo but they hate Hanzo main. No one wanted storm arrows to be buffed. That’s an awful ability no one likes.
If Hanzo becomes meta, who knows what they’ll nerf. Probably his primary fire, so he can’t one-shot anymore.

You don’t have to aim to reach a 100% headshot instakill. It’s a nobrainer, you don’t look, hold left mouse click and release.

Hanzo drip

i have never been more uninterested in a mini event or a new map than i am with these.

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It’s actually a great map, so your loss honestly.

i just spent ten minutes looking at it and i can’t agree. half of the meshes are recycled and it’s visually boring as hell.

There is Hanzo

And then there is the COOLER Hanzo

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