Universal abilities for each class


It did not. 20 seconds of rezzes in rapid succession did. Please note, the cast time was one the first nerfs to valk and mass Rez was also instant and never meta.


if every single support had rez, that problem would continue to pop up


So you’re basically saying LET BRIGITTE REZ! And I’m totally cool with that.


On a one minute cooldown? That’s literally no where near what is now. You know who also had a Rez that was less restricted that has no cooldown and it was still very very bad?
Symm. Tp was a perma cooldown rez with a ten second cast time… guess how broken that was… It wasn’t .


double rez in valkyrie was broken. now you have every support with resurrect. you will have a bad support meta


Was double Rez will symm broken? Nope. Or symms quad to hextuple rez ? Friendly reminder, mass Rez only could rez five people. Tp had all six . It wasn’t broken.
Mercy doublle Rez with everything else like chain beams and high mobility to let her Rez anywhere on the map was broken.

Not double Rez .


I seem to be in the minority here in liking the tank ability the least. Healing is the job of Supports. Tanks are already quite survivable and we’re in the middle of a meta where everyone is complaining about tank domination. Furthermore, self-healing is Roadhog’s gimmick. I don’t think it fits the role at all. Something that reduces the ult charge they grant to enemies would be much better imo since their job is to take damage for the team but they get punished for it by giving ults.


I think youre a nutter. I dont really agree with any of the ideas, universal abilities will lead to only one hero of each class ever getting picked, if they all have the same utility, the ones with the most dmg/healing will get picked everytime. This idea might work in another game style but not for ow.


It promotes tank and support heavy comps even more than they are already being promoted by current balance.

Well, one-shots and high burst damage being so prevalent is a consequence of people not dying enough. In essence, those two complaints stem from the same issue. People dying is the primary driver of the dynamics of a PvP game. Make other forms too unreliable and one-shots are what’s left. Make the latter too unrelaible as well and games will stop progressing.

It should be evidenced by the low health pools, relatively small maps and short respawn times and game durations that this game is supposed to be fast paced. The game is not built around long drawn out fights from the ground up. When one team fight starts to become as long as the whole match, there are issues.

Meta-balance or balance of general concepts and dynamics (literally balance of balance) is a difficult thing. However, one thing is clear to me: this game is experiencing a steady power creep, mostly driven by an obsession for survivability. Adding more options for survivability will only make this worse.


The op said this is in consideration of a hard 2-2-2. Thus it’s irrelevant. You have 2 rezzes flat. It’s no more encouraging than old tp.

These abilities already existed. It’s not new. It’s just how perception changes.

I disagree. The fact that we have healers and are not dependent on cover and health packs makes me think it was intended to be a test of stamina. It’s fine to get a one shot with widow. It’s harder to maintain that.

If it was going to be fast, barriers wouldn’t be a thing. All tanks would be dva , roadhog,Hammond, and zarya ish. Healing midfight wouldn’t exist, let alone aoe healing.


I disagree. I think people have just gotten better and can exploit things after a while. Numbers haven’t really changed. How we play has. Widow isn’t suddenly OP. People just have had to to improve. Soldier isn’t suddenly undertuned. We just got better at burst heroes. Barriers didn’t suddenly become an issue. We just can adjust if we are bad with aim etc.

We adapted and grew past what was forever how we played. And it shows the flaws in not creating a set rule of how to play.

That’s not power. That’s just the game getting old.


Please note that you could only run 2 supports in my suggested changes so maximum 2 Res’s A minute, aka what it currently is. Also note it starts on cd for both supports.


Would be nice if he/she mentioned such an important thing in his TL:DR.

That’s basically changing dynamics.

You can have a fast-paced and dynamic game with healing and shields in it. Overwatch’s first year showed that. However, it’s a delicate balance that easily gets thrown off when you start going overboard with one or the other. That Blizzrad is now trying to so hamfistedly nerf GOATS (armor nerfs, Reaper/Mccree buffs) is also a consequence of this.

This also definitely happened, but we definitely have a power creep on our hands as well, mostly in new heroes. Moira and Brigitte are the clearest examples. Put them in the base game like they’re now and they’d be hopelessly overpowered. They’ve also continuously added more and more ways to deal with everything, from more (and sometimes stronger) heals and shields to stuns and reliable escapes.

Sure, this happened, but Blizzard only helped accelerating it instead of counteracting it. As with many things, it’s a combination of factors laying at the cause.


Sorry I’m confused about how 1 universal ability for each character would result in only 1 hero being picked. To be clear these abilities are on top of existing abilities. So tracer retains her entire kit but can recall and pass some of her ult charge into another hero if she’s getting shut down by Winston and brig.


The recall probably wouldnt have that affect, but if you add self healing and rez i do see having that effect, or at least would require several hero reworks to make this whole thing work, which isnt impossible, but isnt going to happen. Overall its just too much work and too risky of a change.


Sounds like pretty cool ideas for a brand new game.

I would love to see the Overwatch brand expand to other titles. Someone mentioned that they should do a PVE coop mode similar to Left4Dead.

For this game, I don’t think reworking the mechanics in that way would be good (or even feasible).

Some points I agree on for different reasons: specifically, swapping heroes isn’t intuitive. It feels like a loss to go back to spawn and swap and it is out of your control to swap when killed.

  • We should have more mechanics that support swapping - a recall system is one.
  • Another one is having the ult charge double every time you ult meaning that it is wiser to use multiple heroes in a single match rather than sitting on one comp.

Tanks healing themselves seems like you’d have to scrap every tank as is and rebalance them. Seems like you’d just make a new game at that point… I mean, Wrecking Ball should stay mobile, smash through enemies and then come back while being bubbled and healed. It makes more sense for him to keep contesting rather than find a corner and slow heal - or worse, if he is really good then between his adaptive shields and heal buff, he’d be a monster.

How would this work for tanks like Orisa and Rein that hide behind barriers? Would we have to break the barrier, chip away at Rein and then watch him self heal (and get healed by supports) from behind his barrier again?

Personally, in the context of this game of Overwatch, I like a variety in the cast. I feel we should balance heroes by giving the player ample choice in how to deal with a hero. I like Mercy being the one with Res. I like Lucio having speedboost… what we need are new options that can also bring value to the team and new counters for heroes that need them.

  • Armor heavy team? Torb’s main gun should do extra damage to armor.
  • Sombra/Mei should be good at weakening mobile heroes
  • Pharah should have a hero that can block damage for her aside from Zarya.
  • There should be a hero that can penetrate Rein’s barrier from range.
  • There should be a hero that can negate CC in an area for a short window of time.
  • There should be a hero that can make the trip back to spawn shorter, like instead of mass reviving, they do an aoe that erases the countdown on their revive so they go immediately back to spawn (it should have another effect outside of that like reset cooldowns in general for living allies)

What I am saying is that variety and strong heroes seem to be the vibe Overwatch is building so as much as I like class passives and all those rpg stuff, I don’t think it works in this game so well.

Now, a Co-Op Left4Dead2 esque campaign game that is easy to pick up with either its own class of heroes (other Overwatch agents) or the same ones; I can see stuff like this happening. It would make more sense to create hard roles that players can pick up and get used to. Can even make it so that some devices/items on the map only work with certain classes which means keeping each other alive becomes more vital.


When was that? Im here since 2016 and i dont remember sym ever having rez.


Rez mechanic. That is, to pull teammates out of spawn. In a way, tp was a rez with a ten sec cast time.


I’d go with more subtle abilities personally.

Tank: AOE Attacks don’t go through their hitbox.

Support: Bonus Healing from Healthpacks.

Damage: …Don’t know honestly. The whole catagory is an overly diverse mess.


I find that a bit of stretch but okay.


I don’t. You had to be in spawn in order to use tp. The mechanic itself didn’t require death but it didn’t play out frequently otherwise.
It was a different Rez mechanic, but still pretty similar in function.
Mercy had to be in an Aoe to rez. Symm provided you the opportunity to respawn yourself in a safe designated place. Etc.