Unfortunate the Lucio nerfs were needed

Patchnotes anyone???

wait where in the patch notes does it say lucio was nerfed?

Speed boost from 30% to 20%
Amped boost from 70% to 50%

Wall ride speed gain from 20% to 40%
Boops do consistent max knockback now regardless of how enemy is moving and “movement penalties” (Dva/Orisa shooting, Mercy Rezzing, ect)no longer affect boops.

where was this posted, that’s what im trying to figure out, it isn’t in the patch notes.

Lucio: Father…is it over?
Playerbase: At long last, no king rules forever my son.
Lucio: I see… only darkness before me.

All I’m asking is for a place on the ‘Top Ten Sacrifices in Anime’.

Here are the patch notes: (currently only on PTR)

My prediction is: 80% the meta will still be GOATs, 20% dive or quad-dps, Hammond and Mercy.

Edit: I might add, if the meta will change from GOATs, do not expect it to be sudden, especially at the pro level because they need to experiment a lot to determine the effectiveness of new compositions. Just like how GOATs didn’t exist as soon as Brigitte came out.

He actually enables a lot more than just the one strategy. Personally I’d have seen stacked heals getting nerfed rather than gutting the power of speed boost, but I get why they did it.

Man, the amount of “balance” and mechanic changes all in the name of stopping GOATS vs GOATS in OWL is pretty crazy.

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Lucio? Non Meta? That happened once… during the Mercy meta and only because her healing could substitude for Zens lacking mobility and the rest was still dive.

I don’t main Lúcio but what’s reddit?

yikes lucio got nerfed even though is perfectly balanced

once goats is dead, he will go back to being not being picked so thanks community for nerfing him because of goats

The problem with Lucio is that he’s just too good, and at many things at that too. He really doesn’t have an alternative among the healers, speed boost is just too powerful and realistically nothing can be done to change that. In a game where every second matters, not having him all the time in your team already gives you a certain disadvantage.

I think reglardless of the nerfs, he’s still gonna be an extremely powerful hero and won’t see a huge drop in the pickrate overall.

So my team will move .5 meters per second slow out of amp, and 1 mps during amp-

But my wall ride bonus is doubled?


Some kinda r/lucio there my friend?

Yes, let’s nerf Lucio for a meta that only 1% of the players play.

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woah just read the changes even “perfectly” balanced zenyatta is getting nerfed, discord 30% to 25%. seems like mercy greatly benefits from this patch.

Also looks blizzard finally grew some spunk and nerfed character which the community totes as perfectly balanced so dont need changing and have done several characters and mutiple changes to each. they havent done that since their first year.

Oh, Reddit Lucio is when yourr some focus is getting kills and winning duels. Look up Eskayy or DSP Stanky for a good picture of what it ism

Remember, the amp nerf only affects the speed song. Healing is still the same

I wish.

It’s more of they actually put thought into how to compensate for the nerfs he received.

Adding something to his wallride was needed since they adjusted it to make it a bit easier to use with how easy it has become to start one.

And the books are across the board-D.Va, Hammond, Pharah are all affected too.

Some lucios were saying that this is when you’re holding onto a wall, and now wallriding like eskay does is going to be like being on heal aura