Unfairly losing 50sr

So, I just got off a game where I lost. I left RIGHT as “defeat” showed up on my screen, but apparently to Blizzard that’s too early to leave. I find myself back in the menu with a 12 minute suspension and 50sr reducted because I left the game RIGHT as it ended. How is this fair? Please fix this Blizzard.

Did you disconnect and return sometime throughout the match? If so you may have been penalized from that.

Did you pre-open the leave game dialog where it was showing the red warning dialog and not the blue standard dialog before the match ended? If so, it will record you as a leaver if the dialog is open before the match is declared. Please be careful.

Details on leaver penalty policy:

No I didn’t leave the match up until the match was confirmly ended. I rightfully stayed in the game the whole match, and left the game as I see it is over. Blizzard confirmed the match was over by showing it in bold letters at the end of the game, but I get penalized for playing a game that I didn’t leave. How nice.

Unless there are more details (did you record the match by chance?) I can’t advise on this other than report in the bug report forum (when you do report clarify that you never disconnected and waited until after match result was declared). However I will say my personal policy is to be present throughout the post-game sequence regardless of match result and allow the game to return me to the main menu back on its own. Before version 1.13, this used to be a HUGE problem but they fixed many of the issues involved and since have corrected most instances like the one you describe.